Live longer – why running is great for your heart

Regular running training strengthens all of our muscles, but especially our hearts: Did you know that? even beginners can lower their resting level by about 10 beats per minute after just a few weeks of training?

Here are the facts from our expert Sascha Wingenfeld on why you should increase your heart rate several times a week!

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Running makes you enthusiastic

Running is the simplest and most effective form of health and weight training.

Just think of human evolution – the movements needed to run have been known to mankind for millions of years. “Our body is geared towards this form of exercise. This may also be the reason why running is true evergreen fitness, ”says Sascha.

Running is still a trendy sport. Old and young, beginners and professionals, sales representatives and politicians – running enthusiasm is evident at all ages, performance and social classes.

People are fascinated by this activity and its many benefits will benefit everyone: "Just as a health-conscious amateur athlete benefits from highly effective running training incentives, so do professional athletes while improving their basic endurance by running – the best endurance training methodby the way. “This basic endurance, as the name suggests, is the basis of any athletic performance.

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Running is good for your heart

Those who love running will benefit from this activity. "These effects protect our bodies from the effects of modern civilization, while strengthening the entire body," says Sascha. The positive consequences of our favorite activities even appear in our blood:

  • Blood fat levels fall when HDL cholesterol ("good" cholesterol) rises
  • Regular running reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis
  • Decreased production of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol
  • Better blood circulation
  • Lower risk of thrombosis
  • Increased blood volume in the body

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Those who are already active know how the heart starts pumping faster under tension. Endurance sports such as running are extremely effective at strengthening the heart. Sascha Wingenfeld knows benefits for your most vital organ:

  • Resting and resting frequency is reduced by regular running training
  • Maximum oxygen uptake is increased
  • Greater efficiency in cardio work
  • A stronger heart causes less stress on the heart, both at rest and under tension

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The most important effect of running is the better work of your heart. Improved performance can be seen after the first four to six weeks of regular running (3 × 30 minutes a week), even beginners can reduce their resting rate by 10 beats per minute.

See an example of Sascha:

Physical activity increases your heart rate compared to spending time on the couch. For example, if you go to a Run 30 minutes 3 times a week, with an average heart rate of 150 beats per minute, it means:

  • 75 extra beats per minute compared to your resting heart rate
  • 2250 additional strokes for each 30 minute run
  • 6750 additional strokes per week
  • 351,000 additional strokes per year

On the other hand, you can run 3 times a week for 30 minutes lower your resting heart rate to 75 to 65 beats per minute because your body adjusts to exercise. This results in:

  • 10 beats per minute
  • 600 beats per hour
  • 14,400 beats per day
  • 5,256,000 beats per year

Now do the math and subtract the extra heartbeats of running from what you can "save" in the long run due to reduced heart rate: That means about 5 million less heartbeats a year!

“Running not only enchants us, it also improves our well-being and makes us feel at ease. In addition, it's actually "working" – better than any form of medication or therapy, "explains our expert." Don't listen to your weaker self. Just start running! "

Do you love running? Get out and do it! Your whole body loves and benefits!


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