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Tesco has released an exciting new selection of ready meals!

Lets go hunting … I'm a meat-eating ex-rugby player. My background is basically a "typical bloke". I'm from the market town of Wales, where there were 20+ community centers in the old days and where the drinking culture blends perfectly with the rugby club ethos, when the train is heavy, play harder … on and off the field!

My parents and their parents would break the gin for Sunday lunch and not think twice about it. Washing a lunch in the pub with a few pints was a hydration for them. Of course, these days it is considered eccentric as an old school … it goes without saying that this is not how I live my life here and now.

My idea is that as an adult I have chosen to live my life in a way that suits me best and have chosen a lifestyle that focuses on my abilities and health as a full experience of life – I do not follow the herd and I am pretty sure I will do make independent decisions. So I didn't have the digging skills to give life a rejuvenated approach to a life full of vitality and well-being years ago…

Lately, I think I've been playing another lifestyle routine that most of us are rooted in from an early age – the amount of meat we (all) eat. Most of my life I have not questioned it at all, it has not even been on the brink of my psyche, but over the past year I have begun to have the very real idea that eating meat every day at almost every meal is fine, too much.

Why is it too much?

I'll keep a detailed explanation for a while, but to put it simply, I no longer feel that it is appropriate for my health or the planet to eat plenty of meat every week, certainly not every day.

But still, I'm a carnivore and enjoy eating meat … so I wouldn't want to go huge to become a full fledged vegetarian / vegan. My goal is to be far from realistic for everyone – I just get meat free 3 days a week. It's… easy… I refrain from eating meat for 3 days every week. In my lifetime, this will have a huge impact on reducing my meat consumption and imagine our collective consumption decreasing if everyone else did the same (I don't have to sound self-righteous but just pragmatic).

Be that as it may, to follow this lifestyle – like most of us, I am used to making meat the focal point of meals and rebuilding it with vegetables, as the sides show. How easy is it to fit it in your head to make vegetables a star? Well, much easier than you really think!

Gone are the days when the only vegetarian options at the restaurants were a soggy heated vegetable lasagna or a crunchy nut cake. In fact, some of the best restaurants and cafes these days are only veg-based. The same can be said for cooking home books, I have amazing non-meat cookbooks that I regularly teach. And now Tesco is even entering the game, releasing its Wicked Kitchen product line.

Joining forces with US plant chef Derek Sarno Tesco, they have created a range of plant-based, non-meat ready meals not only to provide excellent nutrition for vegetarians and vegans, but also to show us meat eaters how delicious meat can be!

Having made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of meat consumed, this has been the best introduction. In fact, I don't think there ever was a better time to reduce your meat intake because there are many more meat-free options out there than ever before! What's more, such meat-free foods are such that they are very affordable, as there is so much cost involved in removing the cost of meat – it is Derek Sarno's creative genius that makes the meal so delicious!

For me, there are 3 main reasons why I've enjoyed this range so much:

  1. It's not meat-free … .detailed!
  2. It's just fucking YUMMY!
  3. Lastly… the comfort factor!

These 3 points together mean that I find the perfect post-workout meal during my meat-free days. I've been practicing my workouts as usual and as soon as I get home to warm up my Wicked Kitchen meal quickly … a few minutes later it's ready and I can work hard. Don't get me wrong, you know I also like to cook, but sometimes life just moves so fast that I choose comfort first! Combining comfort and meat-free meals in the same sentence has so far been quite a rarity, so you understand my excitement that these meals have arrived just in time for my new approach to eating meat.

I think it's true that today you don't really need to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy plant-based meals, so maybe many of us carnivores get stuck in the habit of eating meat every day for most meals we misunderstand. the amazing variety that plant foods can bring. Just as we can control drinking less alcohol without letting it become a habit, there is less meat to eat – so eating meat can go to higher well-being meat, and we appreciate it as a rare thing. .

I also see the benefit of eating a wider variety of vegetables every week. Just by removing the meat during these 3 day meals, I have increased and diversified the vegetables I have accidentally consumed, which can only be good … right? More vegetables means more fiber, more micronutrients, vitamins, etc. The health effects are clearly visible and I really feel that there has been no better time to live a reduced meat lifestyle than today.

As these are easy to prepare and affordable meat-free meals at Tesco stores, I would strongly encourage you to give them a try. It doesn't have to be a huge change, but one meat-free meal at a time could just make a difference!


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