Lose face and cheeks: how to do it?

You want it lose face but you do not know how to do it?

You've definitely noticed that people who lose weight have one thinner face and less cheeks.

In this article I give you all my advice lose weight fast and reach your goal.

Face Loss: Is It Possible?

I reassure you, lose weight with your head is completely possible!

Like all other parts of your body, your head is capable of storing fat in adipocytes for later use as an energy source.

However, you must understand that it is not possible to lose weight only on a specific part of the body.

When you lose weight, your body will release fat all over your body.

Of course, some parts will melt faster than others.

If you've ever lost weight, you've probably noticed that your upper body reacts faster than your lower body!
This is due to the receptors that determine the storage or disposal of fat and which are distributed differently in the body.

According to your genetics, you will therefore lose face more or less quickly.

But don't be discouraged, if you are persistent and if you follow my advice to the letter, you will come to refine your face overtime.

My tips for losing face weight

To succeed destroy the fat in your face, it is important to follow certain important points.

Calorie deficit and healthy foods

Nutrition for slimming your face

This is the basis. If you do not respect this point there, the other points will be useless.

For your body to use your body fat for energy, you need to start by creating a calorie deficit.

To cover this deficit, your body will then activate certain cellular receptors to release the fat present in the adipocytes.

But beware, it's important not to do it in any way!
Losing weight does not mean that you stop eating, otherwise you risk gaining your weight very quickly after your diet.

for lose face in a healthy way, and in the long run, here are the points to respect:

  • How to determine your daily calorie needs.
  • Then remove 15% of this figure to create the famous calorie deficit.
    15% lets you lose weight healthy without falling into drastic diets that are harmful to your body and produce no long-term results.
  • Then divide your calories into the various essential nutrients while respecting 25% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 35% lipid distribution.
  • Prefer lean protein sources such as chicken breast, turkey breast, ham, white fish, egg white …
  • Prefer sources of low glycemic index carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, basmati rice, whole grain bread …
  • Prefer lipids with unsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil, almonds, avocados … They are also called good fats.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as possible, which promotes weight gain, but also water retention, especially in the face …
  • Avoid cakes, sweets, industrial products that are often very rich in sugar and salt.
  • Limit your salt intake to avoid fluid buildup, which can make your face puffier.
  • Water yourself properly! Water helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism.
    Try drinking at least 1.5 liters of natural water per day.

So the goal is not to starve yourself and starve during weight loss, but simply to eat a healthy and balanced diet, reducing the amounts to create the calorie deficit by 15%.

Normal sports activity

Slimming the face with regular physical activity
Sports to slim your face

If you want to lose weight faster, the solution is not to cut calories drastically, you will understand.

Instead of lowering calories, the solution is to increase calorie expenditure.

For this, you need to regularly exercise a physical activity that will require your body more energy, and therefore calories, to function.

Which sport to lose weight faster? It depends on your taste!

If you want to persevere in the long term, because sports are not just for you to lose weight, but also to improve your health, I recommend you choose a sport you like.

Ideally, you should combine cardiovascular work such as going to lose weight, running, elliptical, stepping … with muscle building to shape your body during weight loss and prevent your skin from being limp.

You can also choose HIIT workouts that allow you to combine muscle building and cardio work in one session!

Here are some of them:

To achieve tangible results in the long run, I recommend you follow a training plan, not individual sessions that you may not necessarily know how to assemble… (see below in this article to discover my program!).


Of course, if you want to speed up your weight loss and reach your goal faster, you can use certain fat burning supplements that will help you get rid of fat more easily.

I invite you to discover my selection of the best fat burners:

Discover the best fat burners.

A complete program to slim your face

FIT45 application for slimming face
FIT45 application for slimming face

If you want a full program too lose face in 45 days of exercise to do at home, I recommend you discover my FIT45 training program.

Click here to start the FIT45 program.

Throughout my program, you will be able to discover several modules:

  • A complete training plan with 3 different levels, to be done without equipment.
  • The diet plan that I personally used to lose weight.
  • 45 Tips You Can Use Daily To Speed ​​Up Weight Loss.
  • 45 super foods that you absolutely need to include in your diet.
  • 45 Slim Pasta Recipes to Lose Weight While Getting Happy.

You now know all my advice lose face and cheek.
As usual, you realize that there is really no secret or miracle recipe …

Everything is based on a healthy and balanced diet, and regular sports activity to increase your metabolism and increase calorie expenditure.

Don't try to skip the steps by absolutely wanting to get results fast, this gets you nowhere!
Instead, change your lifestyle today, feel better every day, and become the best version of yourself.

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