Manchester Marathon Preparation – Supplements

Manchester Marathon Preparation - Supplements

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First of all, I am a firm believer in getting as much diet as I need. Do you really need to supplement with ABCDEFG… if you are eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products *, cereals, etc.? That being said, there are a few things that could help a little helping hand in defense and recovery when you push your body toward performance, and that is exactly where my focus is on replenishment.

Some of the products in this post are gifted to me, but I do all my research and promote only products that I can stand and buy myself! All the research was related to public articles – I could access the full-text versions through the resources of the Open University Library.

Xendurance Lactic Acid Buffer

Firstly, Xendurance's signature product, which, like a good rock band album, is named after it. This product claims to cushion (or reduce the effect of) lactic acid in your muscles and allows you to train longer, with greater intensity and faster recovery. The main study Xendurance cited for these claims also showed reduced creatine kinase levels, a marker of muscle damage that may also have a positive effect on recovery.

I tested Xendurance & # 39; s about a month before the Ragnar Relay, a multi-stage relay race that lasted about 24 hours. I've been through three Ragnar relays in three years and, frankly, my most successful – I ran my longest total length (22 miles over three feet), I felt restored and ready for each foot, and I felt strong. So much so that I ran a sub 2 hour half marathon a week later and ran the Loch Ness marathon a week later.

Although the study did not include female athletes,
I feel rewarded (both potential and what I experienced) to be enough for me
I will continue to use it for my marathon training and hope it helps me
attack my chosen plan, which is my most intense yet …

Glucosamine sulphate

This supplement is relatively well known in the world
osteoarthritis because it is said to reduce cartilage breakdown
joints. It has a protective effect on the joints.

Those who have been watching me for a while know that I have suffered
with two stress fractures during my run. After the second I was sent
to scan nuclear medicines for bone (where they inject radioactive labeling)
your blood and then scan you using a gamma camera). As clearly shown
when my leg was broken, the scan showed a pretty strong signal around me
ankles and knees – signs of increased blood flow and hence potential

The effect of glucosamine is relatively small, though
there is limited research on athletes, but I am an extremely cheap supplement
is ready to hit – especially since running is a powerful influence on the joints
sport and i have reason to believe i may be in danger!

Fuel 5+

Another Xendurance supplement contains a mixture
four different types of carbohydrates, plus lactate and caffeine. Requirements
is that it provides your body with a more preferred fuel for promoting glycogen synthesis
for fast, medium and long lasting energy. It can be taken before or after training,
which gives you twice as much stroke and when taken in addition to their protein
powder, gives you an all – in – one recovery drink (though I'm not sure what it is
the spice mixture is like!).

Benefits of carbohydrates and caffeine for durability
workout is well known what is sufficient reason to take such a supplement
for quick and easy fueling that is light on the stomach. But I wanted to
a little more research on lactate.

The studies are relatively limited and inconclusive
the benefits of lactate supplementation, but I found two studies
– supported a reduced perception of lactate intake, and –
I'm ALL for it when marathon training seems hard enough!

Strengthening of immunity

If training gets tough and you really do get miles
in, it can affect your immune system, not just that, but your needs
The content of certain vitamins and minerals could be increased due to their deficiency
during training. There is some evidence to support antioxidants in their role
to protect against diseases as well as certain vitamins and minerals. Together
marathon training is a big responsibility and weeks and weeks train everyone
until one day, I agree to take all possible steps to minimize the changes
the morbidity and potential performance-enhancing effects that may result

Xedurance's immune boosting supplement combines 40 different types
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients in one product claiming
protect against oxidative stress and free radical damage. Plus winter
training (darkness) and sidewalk stress on my body, I am sure
Don't waste a little more vitamin D and calcium!

Fish oil

The benefits of fish oil include heart, brain,
eye and joint health and is already a very common dietary supplement.
However, athletes may gain additional immunity benefits
response and anti-inflammatory properties. Capsules are a very common form
fish oil supplement, but Omega 3 Zone offers an alternative to even more pills
with the liquid nutritional supplement available in a variety of flavors.

Even if it doesn't help me recover faster and work harder
(according to the claim) the health benefits have been mentioned for so long that
this stapler could still be worth it. Again, there is a risk of getting sick
something that I want to lower as much as possible when I have hundreds of miles to go
do it now until april!

Vitamin K2

A supplement I had never heard of until recently … Vitamin K2 has recently been the hallmark of many studies, as it is found to help bind calcium to the bones and prevent it from accumulating in arteries (also known as atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke promoter). These properties provide a single dose of vitamin A, but unfortunately it seems to be limited even to a healthy western diet.

Because of the prevalence of stroke in my family and of course my history of stress fractures, it really seems like an important vitamin to add to my collection. Especially with the addition of calcium, the excess of which can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis if it is not bound to the bones and is used for muscle contraction as planned!

So there are supplements made for my marathon. Like I said, get started
together, upgrading is not necessarily necessary, but spend a little if you can afford it
money for just a few of them, the potential benefits can be what you are
thank you!

Already taking supplements? If so, which ones?

* Yes, I know that eating meat / dairy products is a hot topic
now … we've all seen The Game Changers! But at least for now, I still eat a
a diverse diet that covers all food categories.

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