Manchester Marathon Training: Here It Goes!

Manchester Marathon Training: Here It Goes!

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This is my most intense marathon training cycle yet… so I have to focus on keeping myself in the game as much as possible. To help me develop motivational strategies, I read Dr. Jeff Brown's book The Runner's Brain, Runner's Brain, and one of the main techniques I've had is to dive completely into running.

And as a result, the blog is back! A weekly summary of the workouts, plus a weird ad-hoc post, including what I experienced during the training or something I've learned and want to share. That's when I can keep it up anyway!

The idea is that this training blog will help keep me in charge of my training, but hopefully it will also give you some motivation and tips. I think we'll see! So, here it is, Part 1 of the blog, aka. introduction!

Marathon training plan

After a lot of discussion, this time I decided to follow Hanson's marathon method in my marathon training plan. Not only have I seen my friends make great progress with the plan, but I also realized that my fastest race times * were set just over a month after 25 continuous running days – a relatively high mileage made up of many light paced races. . Since then, I haven't come close to those times – my 10k and half marathon times. Even when I got my last marathon PB. So for me, it caused a change of tact from the workouts I adopted for Brighton 2019.

I have many other reasons why I decided this was my plan, from exploring the possibilities, but I will touch on them as the training progresses!

* Fastest compared to each other and clear side effects
in my performance.

Opting out of CrossFit

First of all, you could see me saying on my Instagram, but I have decided to give up CrossFit when training for Manchester 2020. It was a difficult decision and that is why I make quite great sacrifices in my development. But this is the decision that I think will give me the best chance of finally achieving my marathon goal. To maintain strength and prevent injury, I have recruited help from Brad Welch, aka. @bw_commandofitness to help me with my weaknesses and keep my body working as it has to cope with increased mileage.

The first week is coming

With a total of 38 miles in 6 races in the first week, I'm definitely at the deep end! But I am not going to kill myself for this plan, and I firmly believe in listening to my body. For example, if I need to skip a track or shorten it, I do. It's a lot of mileage and if I'm able to meet 80% compliance, I'm extremely happy. In addition, I have 3 weight training sessions planned by Brad, as well as a mobility focus session, which I will probably plan on my day off.

Juggling it all

One of my pets who hates the world of health and sports is when people say that 'we all have the same number of hours a day'. Yes, everyone on this planet has 24 hours every day. But mine and your 24 hours may seem completely different to someone else's.

For example; I'm at the house at noon around 7:15 to 18:15, about +/- 30 minutes. This is 24 hours out of 24 hours spent on work, commuting and "dead time" and can best be spent reading or meditating at best. Add to this the recommended 8 hours of sleep, about 1 hour for cooking / eating, 30 minutes for basic hygiene, 30 minutes for housework / preparation for work, and 2 hours a day that you should learn for me. Open University Degree … maybe I have up to 23 hours. It doesn't even mention time spent with family or friends or just thinking!

Take, for example, 3 hours a day of driving and a
a healthy lifestyle seems to be much better manageable, right?

Fast life is not fast movement from marathon training – it is not always easy. But I'm trying to make it work, and the goal is to show you how good planning and some tips for a normal day can make it more manageable.

“If you want to live a happy life, associate it with a purpose, not to people or things. "

Albert Einstein

So let's go!

So this is now … just a small introduction to what I am planning. I’ll follow the summary of the first week of training later … but for more regular updates on how things are going, make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If you particularly want something that I would cover on the blog, let me know by throwing a comment below, and feel free to ask any questions!

What I'm wearing

A kit kindly given to me by Sports Direct Running.

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