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A couple of months ago, I met Ray Roho's agent, Joy, to create pieces for your home that would become staples for us, travel with us, and provide comfort in new spaces if we were to move into a new rental apartment (3 in 3 years, just in case you read;) . At the time, I had no idea we were moving to a new home in Port Moody a few months later to fall in love with … More on that!

I sent her vision boards, colors, and styles that she felt would move well with her new home and pieces needed to hold on to their three little people. Over the last few years, I have started to value investing in companies that not only produce products but also invest in our world. I fell in love with Money Roho long before I actually started the conversation about creating a piece of my home. Although Joy puts it on his site so much more beautifully, you can read it here. I liked that Joy, in her heart against people and in an elevated woman, went to work. She found a way to marry her love of textiles, colors, design and people for a product that financially supports the woman who makes the product. It initiates and creates teamwork, community, and teaches and educates women on how to become weavers that directly affect their lives and things.

Our home is a constant gathering of people of different backgrounds with stories. It is so important to me that people feel safe, loved and appreciated in our home. For me, that means creating warm spaces that are filled with different textures and easily sit around, which says "there is always room for more".

The carpets are warm, the coffee table easily becomes a seating position and the sofa says, "Leave some time".

There is something very special about investing in pieces of your home that have stories to tell, not just price tags. While not all of our homepages are able to tell the same story behind their brand, we reasonably pair money-roho-like pieces with economical items as well as favorites from brands such as Ikea, Target and Home Sense.

Money Roho also offers custom pieces that I love because it allows you to add something to your design and create something very unique to you. Money Roho will also create the most beautiful children's carpets on our next home post, so stay tuned!

If you want to know more about what Joy & Raha Roho does, check them out on Instagram or go to their website.

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