My first half marathon run – popcorn race

September 1st was a fantastic first for me. Sensational bright sun and bright blue skies laid the foundation for my first run marathon at Cotswolds majestic Sudeley Castle. I wouldn't train specifically for the side of the track and wondered if this would be the right choice (there was a 10k route option too), but just coming back from running epic lanes in Whistler, I felt ready to give this side a hard run. we were told at the start line!), so give it a try. And WOW! I'm so glad I did it!

On this side of the runway, Sudeley Castle's venue is famous for many reasons, including the fact that Katherine Parr, the last of Henry VIII's six women, is buried in the area. When lined up at the start, we were told that the runners would expect "five steep hills" and that they should be prepared for a tough race. The route takes us through the Cotswold Road, Gloucetershire Road and the Winchcombe Road's undulating roads.

There were really a lot of mountains …

It rained for a short time, which was a welcome refreshment and made the experience even more wild.

And there were endless epic views. I couldn't take too many pictures along the way because I had to focus on where I put my feet, but you can still get …

Starting any race is always the hardest for me (except sometimes at the end when things start to get tired). My body and mind need to warm up and it requires a lot of perceived effort. And that initial effort seemed high for this race! The mountains and the uneven terrain were aptly rugged. But for a few miles my endorphins raced with excitement and excitement through my body, and I took myself on an epic journey, whistling across golden thorn fields and paths and lushly vivid green pastures full of sheep and steep descents in cool forests, jumping over sharply and wet mud – weeeeee! I can't explain how much I loved freakin 'every second! I remember thinking that I wanted everyone to experience the feeling where your body feels your soul almost as a distressing tool. I felt like a balloon high in the sky. I felt as fantastic as the world and the body. My body felt so free and well. My spirit and soul were burning. I felt I could run forever. I felt so grateful that my body promised me this awe-inspiring experience.

I carried my salmon hydration pack and GU energy gel along with some power gel candies and stuffed it in as needed. I didn't check my clock to see my time. I just enjoyed the ride simply and blissfully. When the onlooker yelled, "One more mile to go!", I couldn't believe it. I didn't want it to end. I was happily surprised by the level of my ability, and by the end I knew that track life was something I had to deal with more and more.

Victory dance!

Thank you so much for running so hard. I am completely and completely connected to the life of the track!

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