My sports gift guide for every budget

Weight training is a must for everyone!

As Christmas approaches, buying gifts has already officially begun.

Looking for fitness or health improvement ideas for your life? Well, I have the answers and for every price point!


If you want to help build a loved one's home gym, why not check out these PowerBlocks! These weights can be adjusted so that they can be used in many different exercises and collapse so that they can be stored in the smallest apartments. Weight training is important for everyone, so there is no doubt that your fitness enthusiast will love these challenges!

For those on your list who have a wandering heart and a mindset, why not give them resistance bands! These bands are a great bargain gift (think $ 15-30) and can take you to any hotel room for a gym. They are multifunctional and super packable, so getting on the road is a breeze.

One of my favorite Alo pieces


We are all adults here and we can finally admit that getting clothes for Christmas is amazing! And I can't think of a better gift for the Athleisure lover on your list than another set of gyms. Some of my favorite pieces are from Alo, but you can always find out a little about your friend's favorite brand and grab them a great pair of leggings or a tank!

Training aids

Are you looking for something to help your loved one on their health journey? Well, here are some great companions who are obsessed with fitness!

There are great apps available to all the smart people on our smartphone list who want to spice up their workouts at the gym or at home! You can give your loved one a subscription to the Peloton app. The app is much more than cycling, they have classes for everything under the sun.

Are you looking for a more personal class gift for your loved one? Why not give Kathleen a present! Check out my online coaching sessions on Kick your Ass with Compassion starting January 5, 2020. This is the perfect gift for someone on your list who wants to start 2020 on the right foot!

For all those looking for a free, yes, said, free gift option for your loved one, why not go retro and make them a digital mixer. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music let you create and share great playlists for your next workout. Don't forget some of my favorites, like Britney, Dolly and of course Backstreet Boys!

Need another free gift idea, so why not become a fitness buddy of yours? Give a corporate gift and motivation, try creating coupons for running or training at any time to give you both the motivation to take it to the 5:45 spin class.

For a research athlete on your list, why not give them gifts to gain knowledge? There are some great books out there that will help build their healthy lives, why not look at Brené Brown, George Mumford's The Mindful Athlete, or maybe even my Kathleen Trotter book Your Best Future.

I hope you have found some great ideas from any price range on the list!

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