Notes to yourself: F * ck Haters

Let's be honest: the idea of ​​making better is not always what it looks like.

The obvious approach is that improvement is measured by growth. And growth is measured by the fact that we achieve more than we have done before. And "achievement" essentially means a comparison with a previous situation or time.

But what if there were no growth ideas just measured by how hard you pushed through or what progress you were able to quantify?

What if getting better is currently defined by finding joy, serenity, or clarity? These features call for productivity improvements; competitiveness of self-care.

Different times require different measures of success.

If going becomes difficult, you need to find a way to stay.

But perseverance has no definition. The only way to get better is not over yet.

Anyone who says otherwise is either too stubborn to see their mistakes, obliged to burn through, or too selfish to realize that one person's fuel is another person's fire.

These are difficult times. COVID-19 has devastated us all in different ways, some more than others. But all of us are affected and affected.

Nothing is normal and no one knows what to expect. But there is a bigger lesson inside. It is always normal for time and situation.

A global pandemic makes us all stop and think. The opportunity to take a break, adjust expectations and find the joy of silence pays off whenever you have problems or challenges.

It's time to play chess

With regard to your health and fitness, I always encourage you to work hard for your health. That’s why I’ve been inspired by all the right pros trying to do more training, just like we have done.

Unfortunately, the adaptable mentality has its dark sides. Do what you can is not the same as "improving at all costs".

I have also seen too much shame on people's time or effort. Just because we are standing does not mean that you need to be in better shape in your life. Or eat healthier than ever.

This way of thinking does not only apply during locking. When life prevents you, sometimes it's better to play chess than checkers.

The movements become thinner. You take more time. You may not even seem to be moving forward, but – if done correctly – you will eventually set yourself up to win.

Personal growth can take many forms, and it's easy to assume that as time goes on, physical preparation becomes easier. But this is just a mistake.

More importantly, getting to know this mentality can be detrimental.

Much of a healthy condition is not only kind to your body, but also kind to your mind and heart.

This is the reality:

You will miss workouts.

And have terrible sessions.

You can get more snacks.

You may not even know your diet.

Maybe you sleep less because of stress.

Maybe you sleep more because of stress.

It all looks different – and it's all right.

Whatever the situation, it's part of it not set unrealistic expectations.

I'm as low stressed as you can find, but it's all changed. Every day there is a new challenge of how to juggle being with your children at home, make changes in your endeavors, watch your friends get sick, how people die, how friends lose their jobs, and someone who manages its most emotional weight.

And with all that in mind, I know I'm not affected by as many as millions of others, and it's still difficult for me. Thing: Difficulties are difficulties. And when you are in it, you have to recognize and respect it. For yourself and others.

There are no wrong moves

Now, more than ever it is important to check what you can control.

Spend your time focusing on doing the little things that fill you, removing what flows away from you (as much as possible), and staying healthy and keeping your head above water.

As people together, we need to support each other because none of us know what the future holds.

But I know this: the love, kindness, and patience you give to yourself and others will make you stronger during a pandemic and as we create our new normal course of action.

I spoke to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The same type who trained 5-6 hours a day. Even according to him, it is important to adjust and celebrate small victories that you could not have acknowledged even in the past.

If he had open heart surgery, he did not start with the same expectations that raised every aspect of his success. He had a bigger goal, but he started to adapt to reality and deal with it.

This meant increasing the strength of the pedestrian. Then 100 steps. This is followed by walking without help. Each milestone was a reason to be proud and took him closer to where he could do more. Remember, it came from a man who squatted more than 500 pounds and was now a successful walker. It was not "normal", but it was necessary.

It may seem like you are changing your expectations, but you are really creating momentum.

Better times are coming, but that doesn't mean it's not hard right now.

If you can't see clearly, it's important to focus on the next step, knowing that all of this will take you out of the fog and to a time and place where things are better.

It is healthiest to learn how to celebrate small victories, be it your walk, the vegetables you eat, the friend you are calling, or even a deep breath and a reminder that "it will pass".

Damn haters who tell you otherwise.

Sometimes it is not about good or bad decisions. It is about action vs. inaction and every action is a victory.

Remember, we do not build strength to lift heavier weights. We build strength to help us through such moments.

As human beings, we develop and adapt to situations. This is how we can survive and thrive.

Your training goals are available, whether you can meet them today, tomorrow, or in 3 months.

Create energy wherever you can.

Save energy when you feel empty.

And remember that you should be strong and smile.

When you do, these steps come together, you can see more clearly the pieces are in place and then….playmate.

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