Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic – Fitso

Greetings from FITSO.

Many things have been speculated in these difficult and challenging times. Our members have asked what is being done in the buildings, what will happen to membership and how will Fitso work to solve the problems associated with the COVID-19 outbreak? We, Fitso, are committed to reducing our members' anxiety about the condition of our facilities, our operations and safety measures at the facilities and, most importantly, the impact of the outbreak on their plan purchasing decisions. We eliminate this emptiness and structure our communication as follows:

Our operations:

  • We have taken a conscious call to close our sports and swimming facilities in Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Faridabad by 31 March. We also postponed the commissioning of our new pool and facilities in these locations until March 31, 2020.
  • Our swimming pools in Noida will be closed until April 15 and all new launches of the pools and facilities will be shifted after April 15.
  • If the regulatory / designated authorities at the relevant site amend the directive, we will postpone / postpone the reopening of these facilities

Fitso membership, new purchase and plan renewal status

  • We believe that there has not been a better time to emphasize the importance of staying in shape and strengthening your immunity by making smart life choices. In light of the above, this is what we plan for all our current and new customers:
    • Proportional extensions and freezing days have been granted to all existing Fitso members
    • All new members can choose the start date of their future plan according to their convenience
    • We have launched our “Once in a lifetime"Offering that it would be easier for everyone to buy or extend the plan at a nominal price. These are the lowest prices Fitso ever plans to offer and are in place of the current exceptional circumstances. You can use the offer here – Fitso offers.

Our readiness for COVID-19:

  • As we communicate offline and through web channels, Fitso is ready to prevent and control the spread in all its facilities.
  • The cleanliness of the facilities and the use of cleaning products are and have become paramount in all our facilities, which take place in their current form and will continue to do so after the restoration of our services.
  • All our members and employees have been given the concept of social exclusion and are encouraged to practice the following:
    • Travel only when it is unavoidable
    • Avoid places where a large congregation of people happens, such as malls, events, pubs, and so on.
    • Work from home at home whenever possible, avoid or postpone meetings with outsiders
    • Don't meet in large groups for a while

Although we are very short of all the drops, fractures, voles and blows, it is vital to keep them safe and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health. We expect the situation to improve and return stronger than ever.

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