Plan, plan plan!

This year 2020, happy new year to all!

I hope your Christmas was special and you pampered yourself. So it's time to think IF YOU want to change something from last year. Analyze what was good and bad in terms of personal life, work and fitness. Is there anything to stand out? Was time management a problem? Did you try too much in your week? Well, this is the time to rethink and reprogram the bits of your life that you think will improve your 2020.

I love the start of the New Year when I look back and see the time when I really have the right to move around certain areas of my life. These areas sometimes felt all-powerful, and were also powerful in close family life. The main area is my fitness, it's more than just getting fit. It helps me in every area of ​​my life – work, family, mental health and physical health. I personally think fitness is really important to your mental well-being, and I use my sessions to exert the daily pressure I face. Without it, I really believe that I would not be a person today – don't get me wrong – it's all a work in progress, but without the release and focus that my workout gives me, I think I'd be mentally struggling.

Once you have reviewed your life and decided that you want to change things in 2020, you need a PLAN! I think the most important thing about the plan is not to make it too complicated. Don't expect to change too much at once! Make it easy and a little challenging so you have something to work on. It can excite and motivate you, helping you to build strong foundations that will create the habit you want to develop over the next few months.

Take, for example, my 2020 plans – there's just one – to get comfortable with imperfection. It has a lot to do with my indoor rowing goals and the pressure I put on myself to complete each session perfectly and at a targeted pace. Realistically, you can't do this with every workout; your body doesn't do it every time you work out the way you want. Some days you will feel tired, with or without the weather. The goal to end a session is not how fast you do it! There have been so many times in the last year that I have beaten myself because I have not just hit the numbers, it makes me frustrated and I also worry about what others think of me. This kind of self-pity can really damage your performance and for me, especially in my rowing where numbers are too important, it can terribly knock your confidence. Therefore, I have to be content with the imperfection – feeling slower than yesterday or last month, just make sure I finish it, regardless of the end result. After all it's just a workout at the end of the day and your goal is to enjoy it !!

Whatever you want to achieve in 2020, try to make it interesting so that it continues throughout the year. Not only do you try to lose weight, but also other things you can achieve besides weight loss, such as better sleep, more energy, a more positive feeling, strengthening and muscles. I personally believe that if you focus only on weight loss, you will be annoyed by fitness and that should be what you really like! Once you start moving, the whole day will be forgotten about the day you are forced to work – I promise! Even afterwards, it always feels so good, doesn't it?

Finally, I hope that by 2020 you will achieve everything you want. Set your schedule, keep a diary of your days, and continue. Try and enjoy every moment you put to work. Always remember to do it every day as it comes Do not forget that sometimes what you did YESTERDAY, you may not TODAY BUT, you can do it TOMORROW instead of that !!

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