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I admit it. I'm a skeptic. Training fad is nothing new (thigh master. Gazelle. Piloxing… to name a few) and I'm such a fitness nob. When I go to the gym for a change and then have to drive (sigh) all the way home, I'd rather spend time getting calorie burn and sweat. So when Gina LaViolette, general manager of VENT Fitness Guilderland and Group Fitness Manager, mentioned the free preview of the POUND on November 3, I was less than excited.

A tiny half-symbol on the intranet indicates POUND as "THE FIRST CARDIO STATION IN THE WORLD, INSPIRED BY THE DARK PLAYING INFO, ENERGYABLE, and a sweating joke." To overcome the dominance of fitness coaches in my fierce domestic competition, my husband (and occasionally the drummer) continually raises my level of activity several thousand steps and significantly more calories every day he plays. So drumming may not get that far for training. And for 10 seconds of my first purposefully gritty, rock-themed commercial, I was definitely interested … And POUND sounded less of a fad and resembled more of a fitness genius.

"It's a musicality," explains Linda Tedesco, a POUND certified instructor, when asked what makes POUND different. "Fun. And you find yourself doing things you never thought you could." Tedesco, who has already been certified in group training for two years, said his first experience with POUND was more than four years ago in central New York Workout in the Park. "I was hooked," he says, and it's clear that something phenomenal happened that day – he was inspired to play drumming and other drum-based sports programs in the classrooms. "You'd love music (think Fall Out Boy, Sia, and 40 other top artists) and you don't even realize how hard you work. "With weighted drums and choreography that even the most coordinated can grab (hello, me), POUND allows 45 minutes of full-body workout, guiding arms, buttocks and core while improving flexibility, and while Tedesco demonstrates more intense options, it joins VENT Fitness and POUND certification ud tutorial by Regina Epp and offers modifications. "We're previewing Level I, but you can adjust the intensity as you like," says Tedesco.

"We are committed to curve management," says LaViolette. "We want to continue offering our members future programs." In keeping with this theme, VENT Fitness has been offering Zumba Kids since the first weekend in November and a handful of yoga classes for beginners and beginners alike. After a free preview of POUND and based on the interest of members, it is already planned to offer POUND within six weeks. "We will confirm the dates soon," said LaViolette. Interested members can pre-register HERE.

A quick visit to poundfit.com reveals the rabies fan base, weight loss and motivation success stories and an example of a tutor Tedesco covers – “I've never met a person who didn't love POUND after taking it! "

A free preview of POUND will be available on Thursday, November 3 at 8:30 pm at VENT Fitness Guilderland and will feature Linda Tedesco and Regina Epp, a fitness and POUND certified instructor from VENT Fitness. Members are invited to register HERE.

Participants should bring a yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

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