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You started a workout routine and are in the running; you will feel the excitement of losing your strength, energy, or even a few pounds around your waist. When you make your workout efforts, you need to make sure that you maximize your results for routine time. However, what many people do not realize is that you need to start with nutrition to improve your health.

It was once believed that fasting was the best way to burn more calories and speed up weight loss. Now, research suggests that properly training your carbohydrate and low-protein body before exercise can help you feel energized and do your best during exercise. In addition, it puts less risk of injury compared to those who operate with a completely empty system. The carbohydrate-to-protein ratio can be a 3: 1 or 2: 1 general guideline. This does not mean that you need to provide supplies the other lunch, but try snacks that range from 150 to 300 calories.

Training refueling is just like driving a car. You can't wait for your car to get you to work when its fuel tank is empty and so is your body; you can't wait for your body to run when its "fuel tank" is empty. This is where diet plays a key role in giving your body the energy it needs to train so you can feel your best.

You don't want to give your body anything. It is important to fill it with dense nutrient choices (carbohydrates + protein) that support not only your exercise habits but also your health.

Check out some of these pre-workout snack samples:

100% Grape Smoothie – A preliminary study shows that 100% grape juice from Concord grapes can help improve your training results. Before your next workout, mix it with frozen banana and Greek yogurt to get a satisfactory source of protein + carbohydrates.Preworkout3

  • Greek yogurt + strawberries – Greek yogurt contains protein that helps to reduce muscle breakdown, and strawberries contain simple sugar to give you the energy resistance you need to start moving.


  • Bagel thin + turkey + hummus this combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fat helps give your body the power to build muscle.
  • 8 oz. Welch 100% Grape Juice Made with Concord Grapes + Hard Boiled Egg – a simple snack, 100% grape juice provides more polyphenols than the most popular fruit juices without added sugar. Preliminary studies show that Welch's 100% polyphenols in grape juice can help increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, improving blood supply and oxygen delivery to your muscles. If your oxygen disease moves into your muscles faster, aerobic exercise may take longer.
  • DIY Course Mix – Dried Fruits in One Piece Nuts – Helps you consume significant amounts of fuel in the event of long aerobic shocks.
  • ½ or whole almond butter + jelly sandwich Whole grains provide complex carbohydrates to help your body train during exercise, and essential fats help you stay fuller and last longer.


Each person digests food at different rates, depending on their metabolism. It may take a couple of attempts to see which foods work best before exercise and how far or near you need to eat before exercising. Generally, choosing lower-fiber and lower-fat foods helps you workout closer to avoid stomach or digestive problems. Fiber and fat slow down the time it takes for the abdomen to empty.

Training fuel timing is customizable and can last from two hours to 30 minutes before training. When determining a pre-workout snack, consider the type of workout you plan. For example, a snack 30 minutes before lifting weights may work well, but if you are in a HIIT class or running, you might want to move the same snack 1 or 1.5 hours before your workout to avoid stomach upsets. There is nothing worse than an upset stomach when you try to sweat!

Time may also determine your fuel choice. If you exercise first thing in the morning and go straight to the gym, you only have time for a smaller, mostly carbohydrate snack before training. Intensity and duration of exercise can also help guide pre-workout snacks. Vigorous activities such as swimming, sprinting, or spinning classes may require a little more fuel than light-weight cycling. Measure how you feel during exercise to see if you need to increase the calorie intake of your pre-workout snack to prevent dizziness or weakness.

And, as always, make sure you moisten with water before, during and after your workout to prevent dehydration!

I've worked with Welch to help promote 100% grape juice. I have been compensated for my time. However, my views are entirely my own.



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