Pregnancy # 2 Thoughts: 26 weeks

Hi everybody! Well, my mind felt the need to bring out some thoughts paper The Internet and my fingers felt the need to move, so here we are 26 weeks pregnant with our second week, spending time pondering. I can't believe the third trimester is only two weeks away – it's time and I wanted to capture some thoughts at that point. So here is a moment of my thoughts at this point in time.


Like Abigail's pregnancy, I haven't really had any appetite in the last few months. I certainly ate a lot more bread in my first trimester compared to my usual eating habits, but I agreed, given that I knew it would pass. And did it! But then we got some cereal options in the house and I just couldn't stop the cereal munching. This is a great snack, but I noticed that I was eating unreasonably and it did not leave me satisfied with my body or mind. So, I signed up Nutrition Challenge "Fall Into Continuity" with Street Parking for each and every particular liability. I was a bit nervous because I was not doing well and I did not believe in restrictions when it comes to sustainable change and habits for me, but I knew I needed an outside factor to manage it. I decided to take the challenge. work for me during this period of my life and my main goals were to let go of the processed food and the urge to eat something sweet after every meal.

So how did it go? Great! I gained weight! πŸ˜‰ (Pregnancy joke there) But seriously knowing that I had paid for the template and the program was enough to keep me up to date with these goals. I felt so good over the last couple of weeks, did not place any restrictions on my food or how I was able to counter it (I didn't feel guilty because it didn't work!), But I was mostly stuck with real foods. Actually, I love candy, but I made it through Halloween that I didn't want candy, which is a huge first for me!

And then, this weekend, I went nuts. It wasn't just Help and I making cookies, it was that I ate pretty much the next day.

It wasn't that I was eating all the sugary foods, but that I was eating more than all the foods this weekend – and with growing stomachs, it makes a few hours uncomfortable when I'm feeling overwhelmed! It was a good wake up call / reminder to myself I feel better, pregnant or not, using more genuine, nutritious foods. So, this week ago! And I didn't feel missing in recent weeks; when i ate that candy and those pillsbury biscuits i didn't really enjoy it. So, more pleasure, more fuel, more self-confidence, and I'm ready!

Okay, great nutrition summary, but if any of the Street Parking members out there haven't tried the template program, I encourage you to try it! And if you are not an SP member, what do you expect? I will follow it a few months after giving birth and then use it even better.


I love my pregnancy in this movement! During Abigail's pregnancy, I worked hard until the end, taking care of breathing, warming up, BirthFit training and walking. I had no pelvic pain / dysfunction I knew about and felt relatively heavy lifting and changing well only during pregnancy. It worked for me this season and I enjoyed every minute of it.

But this time things are different:

  • I got into this pregnancy with pelvic floor dysfunction (pelvic organ prolapse) so certain movements don't feel so good (more on that below!).
  • This second time stretching thing? It is true! Which means my core is much weaker because the stretch came so much faster. It just means I've changed my movements much faster this time – especially the basic ones. And I'm fine with that!
  • I watch two shows (pregnant and postpartum athletics and street parking) because they fit into my life, not both ways. When I have more time or change home workouts, I do the former ones, and when I squeeze in myself, when Help is playing around or playing at home, I grab my dumbbells and (just bought!) Kettle and make myself – short, cute and effective workouts. And in general, I do not get so hard or hard – neither workout lasts more than 45 minutes, most workouts are about 10-20 minutes long and weights are around 15-35 pounds.
  • As I walk and move, being aware of my steps (I got FitBit still going strong!), I always remind myself that it's okay not to hit my step goals – we also need a little rest and no watch. tell us if we live right! But it is less than when I was pregnant with Ab – my time is not my own nor is it when I was pregnant and I had no baby! And that's okay!
  • Trying to do one (two would be great, but the goal is one!) Weekly tanning care or postpartum yoga flow a week (see picture above!) … Every time I come in and do it, I feel great.

It works for me this time – it seems sustainable, as I always am athlete and do things that know me strong and I, but also those that are consistent with where my body is during this second pregnancy. And this is a great place to be! Neither better nor worse than the first time, just different.

Current physical condition

I shared this Instagram TV episode a bit about the current state of the pelvic floor (because hey! Open book here!), If you would rather listen than read:

All in all, it's been a great pregnancy. My energy has been high, the nausea has been mild and not lasting, and after the video above, it has happened that my rectocele prolapse (which had ballooned up and got much worse as my cystic language prolapse improved dramatically) is now recession! Feels The bigger I get, the better those prolapses become. What has been difficult is actually less pelvic floor dysfunction and more mine varicose veins. I had them with Abigail (left leg only and disappeared in the first few days of my life) and had heard that they were worse with subsequent pregnancies so I basically just waited for them to hit. What's worse for them this time is how high they go into my groin, and that makes for a very swollen and uncomfortable pubic area. All the things that people can't see or talk about, right ?! I share it because maybe somebody out there has a problem and it's nice to know we're not alone!

Varicose veins of this type related to pregnancy have a specific name: vulvar varicose veins. These are due to β€œincreased pelvic blood volume during pregnancy and concomitant decrease in blood flow to the heart from the lower abdomen. As a result, blood accumulates in the veins of both the lower limbs and the vulva – causing vulvar varicose veins. Vulvar varicose veins can occur alone or in combination with varicose veins of the feet ”(Mayo Clinic source). It has been hard, but something I haven't talked about much, because there is not much to do except apply pressure, often change positions and lift legs, and apply cold compresses on the vulva (I have done this only once and will continue to do so). a lot of relief, especially if it's been a long day on my feet!).

Pregnancy costs every woman's body and body it's part of my journey to raise and give birth to a child! I can't imagine having 9 months of nausea (not to mention more than a couple of weeks if I had it!) Or bed rest or something like that, so vulgar varicose veins are for me. πŸ˜‰

Thinking further …

My last days in my gym are approaching and it's getting harder to think about! The change is different this time (because I see a lot of things!) Because I know what lies ahead – little baby! I'm starting to quench that urge faster than I did with Abi, and excited to tune in with him and us before having another baby! But I'm a little… nervous? not sure?… about whether or not you need to go to CityFit every day – less for me and more for Abigail! When he goes to his grandparents' house every Tuesday, he asks for CityFit the next day. He loves the people there, the snacks we eat there, runs around his little domain and explores, and even this is where he took his first real steps!

So this routine changed for him and I find it interesting. But that means more time to connect with the kids with other friends and visit intentionally and have fun together! So it would be fun for us. And while I don't work a ton, my veins will probably only get worse as they grow larger, probably at best I'm not on my feet so much in the coming months, so that'll help.

In the maternity area, I also hear programs about the birth stories and experiences of chroniclers, interviews with experts, and topics of interest to me. I will definitely approach this birth with a different mindset and try to gather all the information I have around it. To begin with, I'm happy to cremate The Athlete's Brain what Brianna Battles talks about, just like I did when training this time.


I loved my first childbirth experience and honestly only had good feelings for it (for which I am so grateful!), But for deeper reflection, I know that I want to overturn the stage when it comes to birth this time. Adriana Lozadal has a great podcast episode about it (listen here!) And when I found out you could give birth in the unconscious, it made me think. Aside from thinking, the side of my brain athlete who last told me to coach is another way to give birth: "Come on, Bonnie! Give it all you have! Push it again – another push! You have it!" to the brain saying that I can do it, I know I pushed back after my contractions had stopped, I had trouble knowing where to push it, and I can't even think how painful my biceps were the next day from grabbing my feet in retrospect probably was not the best for my pelvic floor. πŸ˜‰

So I'm going to this birth with a different mindset not for the whole thing, but for this active push phase – which I hope to keep from being so active! Yes, you have to push, but you can let your strong uterus work and the tissues take up your time, not my earlier "GET" DONE, SON! β€œWith attitude.

the idea of ​​water birth it sounds to me as good as I think how much easier it is to tear (though I hope not this time!) and to have a baby to live and experience, but I'm not really a water person. I don't love baths and the last time I struggled was walking up and down the steps and also in the toilet (they brought my contractions hard and kept them coming fast!). So I never got in the shower last time or tried water – it seems so unfamiliar to me and I don't think we have set up a birth bath in our living room, so even though I love the idea, I'm not sure if I dive deeper into it. intended but hey! it works!). I love to listen to the history of water birth, the stories people have about it, and watch videos of it – so calm and peaceful!

We are hiring our friend and doula again, and I hope Abigail is around the house (if we get a home delivery again – it's all in the hands of God and that baby, and of course when the plans change we want to be ready!). I talked to my midwife team about it and they didn't think much about it; many kids get stuck! They said that if childbirth happens at night, many toddlers don't even wake up – I wish it was the case and last time I went to work early in the morning. My laws are backed up in Calgary, but I really would like it to be an immediate family experience with the help of Mikey and our doula. Who knows! This element is probably what I'm most worried about, since the birth of a toddler is so new that I deepen those emotions and feelings and naturally talk about it with my birth team.

So from nutrition to exercise to where I am physically and looking forward to, this is my # 26 Pregnancy Summary # 2! Still no idea whether it's a boy or a girl – I've subconsciously referred to this baby at both "he" and "she" different times, without thinking. I just still can't believe that life is growing inside me and I feel it so I'm grateful for this gift. Childbirth I remember! And I'm already interested in how this tiny story gets, and the magic of the early magic of sleeplessness that comes with it. Change is coming for all three! Thank you for participating in this trip.


Live well and be well,


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