Preparing a month for family meals

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September is Family Food Month and we celebrate at the White House! Family Food Month is a nationwide event designed to highlight the many benefits of family meals and the role we can play in helping families with another meal each week at home. Family foods feed the health of all family members:

  • Regular family meals are associated with higher grades and self-esteem and delayed sexual activity.
  • Children who grow up sharing family foods are more likely to exhibit prosocial behaviors such as sharing, justice, and respect as adults.
  • With weekly supplemental family food, adolescents are less likely to experience symptoms of violence, depression, and suicide, are less likely to use or abuse drugs or flee, and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors or criminal activities.
  • Adults and children who eat more regularly at home are less likely to be obese.
  • Increased family meals are associated with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.


With a pregnant woman and an active toddler, we all have different needs, but we try to stick to the same foods when cooking. Anchoring the plate with a protein such as beef and then tying it to fruits and vegetables is an easy way to create meals for family members. This week's dinner menu has tips and preparation:

Jimi plate

My husband, father, and business owner can be quite busy in life, so it’s important to consume foods that offer more than just a day for me, but rather provide energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals. This meal achieves this goal – the center of the plate – beef – provides B vitamins, protein, iron and zinc.


Steaks for family plates


  • 5-ounce fillet steak, 3 oz NY-strip plus 1.5-ounce NY-strip
  • Olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Pepper


  1. Heat the grill and brush oil on the grill racks.
  2. Trim excess fat steak. Fry salt and pepper on all sides.
  3. Place the steak on hot grill plates around 11:00. Wait a few minutes for the protein to release and you can lift it straight off the grill with tongs.
  4. On the same side, place the steak back on the rack until 2:00. Again, search until it is released and lifted off the grill by the grill.
  5. Turn the steak to the side shown and continue grilling to the desired tempo. The thinner the steak, the less time is needed. The delicate, juicy texture of the beef is optimal when cooked to medium infrequent (145 ° F) to medium temperature (160 ° F).
  6. Remove from the grill and let rest for 5 minutes before serving so that the juices remain in the meat for a tastier meal.

Krista and Open the plate

Although Krista can eat two and grow a lifetime, her body needs about 10 extra grams of protein every day to support our growing baby. It is also important that he gets enough iron to produce red blood cells, zinc and choline for the development of the child's brain, which would build up the brain and spinal cord.


Laying the foundation for a healthy life begins at a young age. When Ava started switching to food, it was very important for me as her father and dietary father to eat different foods and learn to eat smart. Just one to three ounces of cooked beef provides protein, iron and zinc, which are often missing from infants and toddler diets! By making sure that Ava gets the right nutrients, energy is given to her VERY active small body, brain development and support for a healthy immune system.


We chose to add broccoli to our vegetables and I had baked potatoes, while Krista and Ava cut the potatoes and tossed them in a frying pan to make french fries.

Need more recipes to help celebrate Family Meal Month in September? Visit to find a variety of ways to please someone's palate.

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