Reduce your recovery time with these four tips

improve muscle recovery after weight training

Incorporate these habits to speed recovery and enjoy significant benefits during your weight training.

With the internet at your fingertips, it is surprisingly easy to keep up with the latest research or find new and innovative training techniques for improve muscle growth.

Although modern technology has given us access to the latest training information, it goes without saying that we also have access to the best ways to train.improve recovery after exercise.

More often than not, less popular recovery stories are overlooked in favor of newer fast-paced workouts or the latest fitness craze.

It seems that the challenge is not to access the latest information on recovery after a workout, it is a challenge to remove the noise to identify which of this information on request is really. useful.

If you are like most readers, you have probably missed out on the latest tips and techniques accelerate muscle recovery. Here are four important tips to help you improve.

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1 Show as much love for your microphones as you do for your macros

Most people are now familiar with macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates, including fiber. Unless you have lived in a cave for a few years, you also know that dieting is a popular way to eat healthy without weighing, measuring and counting all the calories.

Unfortunately for fans of these diets, too much emphasis on macronutrients and very little on micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, photochemicals) can be just their weak point.

Although your originally macronutrient-controlled diet was initially successful, scientific studies have shown that it only didimprove the quality of food, without changing the amount, leads to an improvement in body composition.

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More simple, select high quality food and rich in nutrients rather than inferior food, junk food improves body composition, even when the macronutrients are the same! Traditional body-building foods such as chicken breast, broccoli, green beans and fish are everything foods rich in macronutrients.

While a half chocolate bar may "fit" your macros, it will not be as good for body makeup.

Also, the stricter the diet, for example when you limit yourself to a competition, the more micronutrients mean. The metabolic and hormonal consequences of low calorie diets, combined with increased exercise activity for muscle growth or competition, increase the micronutrient requirements of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

While it is tempting to incorporate junk food into your meal, the increased demand for micronutrients as a result of exercise is precisely why serious athletes should choose a variety of nutritious foods to promote better recovery. muscle and improve performance.

2 Optimize carbohydrate intake before and after exercise

Every savvy reader knows which nutrition to choose before and after exercise, but until you try to do so calculate food intake During these critical times you will not reap the benefits of faster recovery and better performance.

Fatigue from exercise is directly dependent on how much glycogen is already in the muscles when you start exercising. In other words, the less you start with glycogen, the faster you will get tired. This is why it is a good idea to eat carbohydrates before exercising to increase your glycogen stores. Just make sure you Choose gut-friendly carbohydrates so you can exercise without gastrointestinal distress.

We prefer options gluten for reasons that we will cover in the next section. A good meal before exercise is for example:

  • Organic honey on gluten-free bread
  • Or apple sauce

If you want to avoid added sugar and fructose, you can also try mashed potatoes. Whichever meal you choose before exercising, be sure to prepare your body for better performance and faster recovery by consuming your carbohydrates before going into weight training / fitness.

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After exercise is another great time for increased carbohydrate intake. Heavy weight lifting increases the expression of glucose enzyme GLUT-4, which can contribute to improved insulin action and improved glycogen storage after exercise.

Although we will not go so far as to set a specific schedule or amount for this ideal post-workout window, in the case of multiple exercises per day or subsequent daily exercises, we have found that placing approx. 50% of our daily carbs after exercise, this allowed us to manage the recovery more efficiently and reduce muscle soreness.

Important Note: Increasing your carbohydrate intake before and after your workout does not necessarily mean eating high-carb meals throughout the day. On the contrary, after exercise, it is the only time your muscles can absorb glucose with minimal insulin release. Otherwise, the pancreas must release insulin to transport glucose to the tissue each time you eat carbohydrates.

Since most of us, even those who exercise intensely, are sedentary most of the day, eating high-carb meals all day puts a strain on our pancreas by requiring frequent insulin releases for the most part. control blood sugar.

Therefore, it is better to consume the majority of your carbohydrates before or after exercise than to minimize carbohydrate intake for the rest of the day.

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3 Prioritize digestive health

Nothing sabotages your motivation faster than not being able to show off your results because you are bloated and bloated. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract manifests itself with a number of physical symptoms, such as rash, bloating, indigestion and fluid retention in the intestine.

Immunogenic foods (substances that cause an allergic reaction) include staple foods such as corn, soybeans, dairy products and gluten. Although only a small percentage of the population is allergic to these substances, a larger proportion may simply be sensitive to them, which in turn may contribute to less inflammatory gastrointestinal problems.

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Since immunogenic foods do not provide a direct muscle-building benefit, it is okay to cut one or all of them from your diet. Many bodybuilders, exercisers do not even know they have bowel problems or inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract until they make these drastic changes for the sole purpose of finding improvement. digestion and reduced bloating.

Stress on the digestive system can both lower the level of thyroid hormone (necessary for good glucose uptake) and increase insulin resistance. Even if you do not have an obvious intestinal problem, the gastrointestinal tract can be under stress without you even realizing it, making it even harder to build muscle or lose weight.

Competitors in fitness are often encouraged to adopt extreme diets with low carbs and doing lots of cardio to dry up. A safer and more effective solution may simply be to cut out inflammatory foods. If the ultimate goal is to have a better physique, aesthetically, why endure bloating, calorie restriction and hours of cardio when it is much more beneficial and easier to just avoid digestive tension?

Everyone with intestinal problems suffers from a serious inconvenience when it comes to exercise and recovery. Since no food causes inflammation in everyone, you may need to try to cut out different immunogenic foods until you find out what works best for you.

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By eliminating foods that can cause inflammation from your diet and nourishing your body with foods such as coconut oil, green leafy vegetables, herbs, garlic and probiotics, you can begin to reduce digestive stress, which will improve recovery and aesthetics (physical).

4 Sleep like it's your job

Ironically, a lot of social media humor depends on the desire to fool as much as possible. Still the daily habits of most people sabotage both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Whether you use too much caffeine, stay awake late to watch a screen or do not optimize your sleep environment, many of us have poor sleep (around 1 in 3 people in France). Although lack of sleep may not seem like a problem, there are significant hormonal consequences after you yourself have missed a night's sleep.

Scientific studies have shown that sleep loss can disrupt the metabolism by increasing the frequency of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, by lowering insulin sensitivity and increasing inflammation and cortisol.

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In addition to the high health risks these hormonal disorders can cause, sleep deprivation significantly impairs the body's ability to recover, which puts you at risk for overtraining.

If you want faster recovery and better athletic performance, make sleep quality a priority. Limit your exposure to blue light at night, add nutrients that promote relaxation, such as magnesium and create a dark and cool environment where you can sleep.

The more seriously you control the quality and amount of sleep, the more you will notice improvements in hormonal signals, including increased libido and decreased bloating. faster recovery and better performance in the weight room.

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Summary of the 4 techniques to really speed up recovery

There was a lot of information. So here's a quick list of points to develop and implement these 4 habits for faster recovery:

  1. Close to your body. Focus on food quality by choosing foods rich in nutrients.
  2. Take advantage of the opportunities to refuel before and after exercise and manage your blood sugar throughout the day by carefully planning your carbohydrate intake.
  3. Improve intestinal health by eliminating immunogenic foods and increasing the intake of gut-friendly foods.
  4. Prioritize sleeping every night.

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