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By: Riley Pearce
Director of Social Media

After a cold and snowy January, you may wonder what happened to the motivation you had at the beginning of the month / year?

Losing motivation over time is perfectly normal and can be a sign of many things. If we do not set specific goals sufficiently and offer ourselves milestones to achieve that goal, the motivation may diminish over time without any gain.

However, all is not lost. There is still the opportunity to regain that motivation and immediately jump back to your goals.

Step 1. Review your goals again

You may have written them down physically or made a mental note of your goals. No matter how you set them up, pay them a small visit. Remind yourself of your decisions indefinitely and think about why you made them in the first place. If you didn't physically write them down, try writing them down in the following format:

  • Purpose
  • S: Specify exactly what you want to achieve
  • M: How do you measure it (weight loss / gain, days in a month with nothing to do, etc.)
  • A: How do you achieve your goal? What you do every hour / day / week to get you closer to your goals
  • R: Ask yourself, is this realistic? If so, write down why. If not, write down how you can make the goal more realistic. Ex. Can you divide the goal into smaller parts that make it more achievable?
  • Q: In what time frame do you want to achieve this goal?

You can download this goal setting worksheet in a printable PDF here.

Step 2. Get to know your goals better

If you want to achieve something, research shows that exploring and understanding topics makes them easier in our daily lives.

Let's say you have a goal for lifting loads: This year you want to learn how to make a really good lift. So you go online and use resources like T-Nation,, Pubmed, Science Daily, etc. and explore everything to do with deadlock. The more you learn, the more you can try and apply this new knowledge and the more fun the goal will be.

You can even go a step further and watch videos of people who have already reached your goal and use them as an extra motivation.

Step 3. Do something today – right now – that's for your purpose.

Once you have reviewed and organized your goals and studied them, now is the time to act. Training goals can be getting to the gym, renting a PT, inviting a friend with you, or putting up a workout video at home. Nutrition goals could be finding a recipe that fits your diet, going to the grocery store, or even just chatting with someone who has already achieved that goal. Just by taking the first step, you are changing your goals and motivation to come back. Remind yourself of this you can do it. It just takes that first step.

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