RunThrough Wimbledon Christmas Fun Run

Wimbledon RunThrough Uk Race Summary

"You'll never regret running" …

except for the times you do, sort of.

I enjoyed having a Christmas party on Sunday, but it was probably not the best thing for my body when I deal with coughing / cold now and pay for it today (Monday). However, I have no complaint about the race itself.

I've seen so many RunThrough events where people rave about their friendly races, cute medals, and delicious cocks, but somehow I hadn't been to them yet.

Given that it was almost Christmas Day and I had not yet run the race, Ellie and we were keenly registering for the Wimbledon Christmas 10K at the last minute. I mean I don't drive for 5K running for an hour! (thanks to RunThrough, we made our competitions more talented).

Wimbledon RunThrough Uk Race Summary

In the UK, NON STOP has rained in recent weeks, so it was not surprising that the ground was covered with water, the tracks are dirty with mud and the terrain is definitely more of a trail than a trail. It wasn't a run to try PB, and yet I was shocked by the reaction of some runners on slippery roads and bottlenecks caused by people trying to avoid the deepest sludge. Not to mention the blatant disregard for the Marshals who told them not to run down the road. Volunteers are there for our safety and I couldn't believe how rude some people were.

Wimbledon RunThrough Uk Race Summary

Did I mention that the 2-loop trail was muddy ?!

There came a point that Ellie and I just went back to the fact that our feet got wet and stopped whining when we fell through the puddles. I didn't manage to cough too much, but I was still struggling to breathe, and with the stuff on my feet, going slow.

Ellie is currently training an ironman and was super helpful in preparing last week's interview, so we ran to life, training, Christmas and more while running.

I probably should have interrupted after the first stitch, but I felt I shouldn't stop anymore. I hadn't run for three days because I was sick and so I wanted to stretch my legs, and frankly, I stressed about losing capacity (which is really stupid because running a 10K has probably also rejected my recovery). Why is it sometimes difficult to think clearly if it is your own health / training but it is so easy for other people? (I still hope I can make Christmas Day a hit, but for now, I'm not sure if Tom will let me!)

Wimbledon RunThrough Uk Race Summary

After the race, I couldn't stop coughing, but had breakfast with the Twice the Health girls, Jordan, Ellie and many other runners. Sometimes the competition is not about running, but about community, running fun and catching up with friends. And a little medal, mince pie and a flap! YES, post-race free mince pies and cocks. They don't interfere.

Overall, I enjoyed my first RunThrough experience and I can't wait to sign up for many more of their events in 2020!

Wimbledon RunThrough Uk Race Summary

And since there's not much to share from last week, here's a summary of the last 7 days of marathon training;

Monday – Planned day off

Tuesday – Sick

Wednesday – 7 easy miles by the river Elliega. I was in my parents' house Tuesday night so I used to be in London to run, but I slept terribly and woke up feeling pretty horrible. I had not yet developed a cough, so I thought I was good to run. In retrospect, this is not my best idea.

Manchester Marathon Training

Thursday – Sick

Friday – Sick

Saturday – Sick

On Sunday – In Wimbledon, 10K + 1 mile is warming up = 7 miles in total

Hope you had a better running week than me! And if you have it this Christmas, we wish you very festive miles!

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