Siddharth's story is an inspiration to many small-town sports enthusiasts

Fitness story: Siddharth's story is an inspiration to many small-town sports enthusiasts

Name: Siddharth Gupta
Age: 29
Height: 5 feet 7 in
Weight: 69 kg
Place of residence: Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Turning point:
Obesity from an early age was embarrassing; it was very difficult for me to be confident on school day. I always had a feeling of inferiority in me, bullying had become a part of my life not only among friends, relatives of teachers also bullied me because of my difficulty,

“Konsi chakki ka aata khata hai”
“Mote ek din phatt jayega”
"Dharti pe bojh"

Above were the most common phrases I received every day. I took fitness seriously when at one time I was sick with a high fever and went to the doctor he said"You have two diseases, one is temporary, ie fever, the other is your obesity." At that time, I decided that I needed to do something to get rid of my obesity.

No training trip is smooth; everyone sees failures and obstacles. As a small town guy, I was confronted with a lot of knowledge about fitness because I never hired any personal trainer. Local trainers only do this here to lose weight by selling fake supplements and magic pills that never work. The internet and YouTube were my only support. Despite running the company, it wasn't easy for me to train every day, but I did it and I got stuck in the gym, no matter what. And at the beginning of 2016, with a good balanced diet and exercise, I lost 20 kg in a year.

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Driving force:
I was inspired to see the conversion stories of laymen like me on the Internet, Facebook, and sports sites like Fitsaurus. YouTube helped me a lot in achieving my goal. Youtube players like Jeet Selal, Guru Mann and Gaurav Taneja offer the best information on everyone and everyone's fitness. I am very grateful to them. They offer honest advice that really worked for me.

Training program:
Initially, to lose weight, I followed a common myth that beats more to the heart and paid less attention to weight training. But later I realized that strength training burns more fat than cardio. Beating the heart alone will not help with fat loss, calorie deficiency, proper eating and strength training are the keys. Currently, I focus more on compound lifting such as squats, lifting mechanisms, bench presses and military presses.

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The diet followed:
To lose fat and build muscle, I rely mainly on egg whites and chicken breasts because they have good nutritional value with lean protein. With moderate carbs and fat intake, I went on a high protein diet. I prepare the food myself, every sports enthusiast should cook it himself and it helps to monitor the amount of macrons on your plate.

Food supplements:
I introduced whey to my diet quite later, whey is the only way to achieve immediate recovery after a workout in the gym, whey is a faster digestible protein and you need them right after a workout. I never took any fat loss tablets or other fancy supplements. Just scoop the whey isolate when shaking with water after your workout.

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Inspire your tribe:
My recommendation for those who want to lose weight is that it doesn't happen overnight and it's actually a slow process and 100% possible. You just have to be patient and consistent. Without consistency, one cannot achieve one's goals. It is said that the diet is 80% and the workout 20%, but I believe it is both 100%. You need to give 100% to your diet and 100% to your workout. Pay more attention to strength training, do cardio 20 minutes after strength training. I have seen that people start running on a treadmill in the gym, they lose their energy and have to spend the energy left on strength training later. Do more compound lifts. Prepare your own meals. Always drink water as a liquid, at least 4 liters every day. Be consistent. Miracles happen.

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