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Want to start your day with a delicious and balanced breakfast? I share a simple recipe for banana peanut porridge. Let's go for a simple porridge recipe cooked in 5 minutes flat!

The benefits of
this recipe

Not only is this recipe delicious, but it will have many benefits. The main benefit to me is that this simple porridge recipe has strong saturation abilities. If you tend to be hungry or snack in the morning, with this recipe you will be full until 11am. With oatmeal and bananas you will be full of fiber and good carbohydrates. While the peanut butter will give you that fat part. Perfect for getting full energy for the morning. These ingredients are also known for their antioxidants (vitamin C and dopamine) energy source and good mood or even improve cholesterol.

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The ingredients for

Here are the ingredients you need for cooking
of the simple porridge recipe:

A simple porridge recipe cooked in 5 minutes

Preparation of
simple porridge recipe

Pour in the oats. Cover with boiling water and mix well. Adjust the water level according to the texture you want. Let sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, cut the bananas into slices. Put the banana slices on your porridge. Add peanut butter and enjoy. I told you how easy this simple porridge recipe is! Just complete this simple porridge recipe with a protein intake to eat a balanced breakfast.

You can also vary this recipe with cashew butter

Don't hesitate to consult my other recipes in the blog section to continue enjoying a healthy and balanced meal.

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