Strong girls are in trend – Rachel's A-Z guide to how to score goals in 2020

It is time to reach our targets by 2020. Rachel Grunwell shares the A-Z Guide, "The Strong Girl Boss of 2020".

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It's 2020 and strong girls are on the trend.

Stop standing or holding yourself back. Stand up, stand strong, be bold, and work hard to dream the damn heart of your God.

End your beige life. Instead, s *** out of this life and get your best life. Please select a parent.

Break down the targets in the arena you want to fight the most. Is it work, finance, relationships, life, sports or more game?

Here's how to get the "Strong Girl Boss's Guide". Join this strong girl marathon and follow the lyrics of singer Stevie Nicks: "Don't be a lady, be a legend". Also tune into the teachings of researcher Brene Brown. He preaches, "Courage begins with appearing and letting oneself be seen."

A- Awareness. Take the courage and confidence to know who you are and what you want – and then follow it. You conduct your orchestra. You can change the song at any time if you do it well.

B-borders. Put them in place and don't forget to spoil them. Protect your space so you can focus and prosper. However, this does not mean becoming a boss; Keep these soft, vulnerable, and kind layers.

C- Courage.. Dare to be real, real, authentic. After all, it is your weird people who make you different. Have who you are and don't change your views or values ​​for someone. And remember, no one likes a chameleon – the species that become appropriate.

D- Darkness. Confess the darkness you experienced, but don't let it drag you into the ditches. Choose instead to fall. Let the abundance of your experiences inspire you with new inner strength and empathy for others.

E- Eudaimonia. I first came across this word when interviewing neuroscientist Dr. Kerry Spackman. He shared tips on how to live your best life for my book Balance: food, health + happiness. The word is in Greek for happiness or prosperity, for the prosperity or prosperity of the people. It's all about pursuing true happiness and contentment, not Hollywood-style happiness. The latter is fleeting. We strong women are smart. We know that our own successful fight beats every block gift.

F – fear less. The only thing that prevents you from living your best life is you. Fear of failure is handbrake. Instead, go out of your way. But remember, don't be careless.

G-Goals. You need strong, solid and well thought-out goals to know how to make these powerful little steps towards your dreams. Otherwise you will be stuck.

H- healthy high. Your health is the foundation of your well-being. Build a healthy, strong, and durable body and mind – and follow these healthy heights. Raise your standards and take care of your body. Fitness increases your mood, energy levels, concentration and brain power. Fitness enhances creativity and productivity. So strong girls are smarter. Remember that fitness is not about aesthetics; It controls how you think and feel.

I- Internal voice. Recognize the voice of the girls in your head. It can make you doubt yourself and feel unworthy. Talk to yourself as if you were your own best friend. Self-love is crucial to success.

J – Judgment. Do not value yourself or others. It's ugly. Use your energy to focus on positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. Don't waste or spend on things that don't serve you or others.

K- left. This is a boomerang. Throw it out and I promise more kindness will come back.

L- love. To love others and to feel loved is the meaning of life.

Mental health. Do what makes you feel good, healthy and happy and watch it like an awesome boss. Taking care of yourself also means that you can help others more.

N- Feed your body with real foods that grow on the ground, in trees, or move (ie meat, if you are not a planter, that is). It heats up your energy level and your smart girls' ability to think.

O- Open your heart to friends and have bolder conversations about your true feelings. Involving others in your own failures, fears and joyful moments deepens connections.

P-goal. Live a powerful purpose, not just a paycheck. When money is in control, you are hit by a crisis in life expectancy – it is just the 'when' moment.

Q-questions. Be curious and ask questions. Knowledge gives you insight as you progress from a fresh perspective.

R – Rethink your body, mind and soul when it brings inner joy. Surfing, reading, running or gardening? Do what ignites your soul. It keeps you central.

S- Stand tall, raise your sternum and act like the goddess who you are. You deserve to see, hear and love. Everybody does.

T- The Thief of Joy. "Comparison is a Thief of Joy" – Theodore Roosevelt. Never compare anyone else. You are beautifully imperfect. We all make mistakes, stuff and fail. No one is the sum of their Facebook highlighted rolls.

U – Join other sisters to help each other. Adjust the Queen's second crown if it falls. There is a stronger force in the collective.

V values. Know what is most important to you and live your life by them.

Worth – Worth. Know your worth and never compromise on the next best: Never.

X-X factor. What is your superpower that sets you apart from the rest? Share it more with the world. We all have something special to share.

Yes Yes. Say the word more to connect and experience more. Because isolation can contribute to depression.

Z – Lock this B.S. The truth is the opposite of what you are likely to tell yourself. Know what thoughts are and what are facts.

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