Supporting the immune system with the help of nature and science

If there’s one thing I know about living a full and slightly busy life, then I also know that when I’m left behind, it takes me a while to get back on track, so prevention is always important and it should be for you too.

Learning the science of natural health in the past has brought miles to the pros and cons of understanding it, but I don't always practice what I preach (naughty what I know). If only we took care of ourselves, our bodies and our minds as much as we did according to the schedule, it would be a much healthier planet!

Now I prefer to make everything smoother – instead of taking 20 supplements, I find the ones that do several things for me. Instead of doing several training hours, I go to what gives me everything I need in one class – a mixture of strength, heart and stretching.


When taking supplements, I usually look for ones that are Practiceer Grade – or brands where I have done a lot of research. No one has time for fillers and poor quality products!

Medlab is the one that gets the approval of the green tick and I’ve been taking these supplements for years, so when I had the opportunity to share my favorites with them, I jumped at that opportunity, so here are just 2 – a very wide selection:

Manuka-C ™ is scientifically formulated to support the optimal functioning of the immune system. It contains evidence-based ingredients that contain a mixture of three ascorbates and glutathione with Manuka honey powder. Ascorbic acid and zinc are essential for the optimal functioning of the immune system, including the antimicrobial activity of white blood cells. Glutathione contributes to the physiological role of ascorbic acid in the cell.

Immune-5 ™ A "scientifically justified" combination of selected first-line immune-modulating nutrients with two specific probiotic species shown to enhance immune function. ResistAid ™ is a prebiotic soluble fiber with immune modulating properties, while Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring protein in the body that has a positive effect on the immune system. Colostrum provides important proteins that support innate immunity, including the IgG antibody, which both activates and modulates the body's defenses.


In addition to supplements, consuming is just as important as what you are not doing. Just because you said a donut doesn't mean much to skip lunch because you're too busy. Your body needs a constant flow of nutrients to balance your blood sugar – we all know the concept of hanging and it exists for a reason!

I have also found that sticking one cup of coffee is my favorite place, not because it makes me too anxious, but because it fills my stomach too much and makes my brain think I am completely ready. Less food makes me less human in every way possible, energy evaporates too quickly and I get angry even faster (hello liver). Drinking my water, however, is a game changer, especially as I get older (tears).


While my attitude towards training has definitely changed as I get older, what my body needs has also changed. I don't have to work out in my gym seven days a week, but it has to be a daily exercise. One day it may be just a walk, in others it may be HIIT or yoga – it doesn't matter, a happy mind is a happy body that has moved!

But you? What is indisputable about strengthening your immune system?

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