Sweat month: September 2019

September's best London fitness events

The sweat month of September is a bit late, because I went on vacation, took an e-bike up the mountain from Mallorca by bike, read a rude book on the beach, came back and it was already autumn ?! Anyway, here is your best time to explore London Fitness in September.


A strong class of stylists

There are many classes to choose from throughout the month

AllBright Mayfair

stilist.co.uk/ strong

The free female mogul, the stylist, has got her own sports studio in Mayfair and you can try one of their classes for free this month. Choose from hundreds of difficulty sessions for different abilities or stretch it out with yoga. Classes run from early morning to early morning and also classes on Saturdays. To claim, simply use the code STRONGSEPTEMBER at checkout.


Hoka one one test run

James Poole works at Hoka One One

September 14 at 11:00

Runners need Camden

Are you looking for new coaches but want to try before you buy? Our mate JP Advent run The celebrity (that is, wearing a cap in the picture) is running a 7 km race at Runners Need Camden this weekend with Hoka One One & # 39;

Try one of Hoka's latest running shoes, let the canal run a little along Primrose & # 39; 's mountain and back, no need to register, just show your beautiful face to join the store.


Completely chopped

September 15 at 10.30

Completely chopped

Gym Holborn


This battle-based training class at Gymbox is also open to non-members. You can expect HIIT style lessons from drum and bass music, free snacks from the hunt! and natural energy drinks from Tenzing. It is free to join, but it is for the charity, so the donation to the national homeless charity Crisis will be appreciated.

Expiration devils in Samsung KX

Disco yoga

Different dates from 5 pounds

Samsung KX


Time Out and Samsung have clubs together to offer Kings Cross a lot of seminars. There will also be art classes, performances, film screenings and also a number of fitness sessions, all to ignite the principality's sum. They tend to be at lunchtime, although this is best if you work in the area or are a free-floating freelancer like moi.

Look out:

Disco yoga with refinery, September 18 at 1 p.m., 5 kr

WE LOVE disco yoga – a fun yoga class where you can disco with brilliance, mirror balls, & # 39; Stayin & # 39; Alive & # 39; … expect boogie wonderland.

80s aerobics with a refinery, September 20 at 1 p.m., 5 kr

Grapes, leg warmers, definitely some high knees, will reach your 80s.

Ballet players with a refinery, September 27 at 1 p.m., 5 kr

Compatibility with ballet and boxing will probably hurt like hell, but at least you'll see these strokes throwing out gracefully.

Sweat and sound Autumn accumulation

Sweat and sound London fitness events in September

September 17 at 19.00 from 30 EEK

Secret location, Peckham


Sweat and sound organize great events that combine fitness, music and some surprises. It's definitely a cracker. While staying in Peckham’s old abandoned church, you can take part in a 60-minute yoga session and a 15-minute guided meditation accompanied by live music with tea and sweets. Sign up for the email list to find out about other secret S&S events.

How to start a run

Trail shoes

September 17 at 8:15 pm, 8 pounds

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, Covent Garden


If you want to drive out but are not sure where to start, this story should be a good introduction. Claire Maxted, former editor of Trail Running magazine, who manages the YouTube channel Wild ginger run, takes you through the basics.

From the benefits of getting off the road to finding local trails to wear and how to increase self-confidence in the mountains, everything is covered. All you have to do is go over and get muddy.

Do what moves you in Bacardi's dance class

Bacardi dance class

September 19 at 6:45 pm, £ 15

Frame Shoreditch


In our experience, dancing usually comes after cocktails, but this 45-minute dance lesson at Frame & # 39; turns it around. Choreographed by Ashley Roberts (formerly Pussycat Dolls and Strictly) with Bacardi, you can learn a dance routine during class, all levels are welcome, and after that you will receive a free Bacardi cocktail at Boxpark.

The London Coffee Revolution

Coffee and beans

September 21 and 22 at 11 a.m., £ 21

St. Michael's Alley, bank

secret london plots

Do you love running? Do you love coffee? Try this guided 8km run from Secret London Runs. Starting with London's first café, you walk the streets of the capital to get to know the coffee craze and the characters behind it. Medium priced espresso and craft coffee at the end, obvs.

On a cruise, there is a faster run and a run / walk option.

Great Willy Waddle

People who run dressed as willyd

September 24 at 6.30 pm, EEK 20

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Forget about the Santa Clauses you get at Christmas, the costume you choose is now a giant inflatable penis. This 2k run / walk / wad will raise money and awareness for penile cancer. The goal of the sponsorship is £ 100 and you have to keep the penis costume on!


Sound Ministry be active

Compatibility class of the Ministry of Sound

September 28 from 6 p.m.

Ministry of Soundproofing, Elephant and Castle


The Ministry of Sound celebrates its 28th birthday with a (buggy!) Music and fitness game. Given this free surrounding training experience, you drive through the club, adopting different types of training styles, and at the end there is a bit of a party.

It's free, but you need to register to get a seat. Probs sold out, do it fast!

Meditation and awareness workshop

Meditation and mindfulness workshop in Frame

September 28 at 12:45 pm, £

Raam Farringdon


If you, like us, have a really hard time sitting still and meditating, this two-hour workshop sounds perfect. The meditation teacher and DJ Holiday Phillips choose a scientific, fluff-free approach to meditation. It will teach you how it can change the structure of your brain, how to free your mind from negative thoughts, and why you may have struggled in the past. Sounds good.

RunThrough Beat Box Hill 5k or 10k

Running at the top of Box Hill

September 29 at 9:30 a.m., 28 pounds

Box Hill, Surrey

The Zigzag Road in Box Hill is a famous climb for cyclists – it was part of the Olympic road race and is also located on the Ride100 track. On this closed road, you have to fight the beast with your two feet.

There is a serious, but also a serious downhill climb, so at least half of it is fun and fast! You will receive a medal and a t-shirt for your efforts, and there will also be free fun for children.

Ealing half marathon

Healing half marathon logo

September 29 at 09.00 from 48 EEK

Sheep Park, Ealing

If you want to get under the belt of the half marathon in the autumn, there are still places for Ealing Half, but be quick, the competition closes on Monday, September 16. Voted the best half marathon for three years in a row, it should be good (we never did, not sure why not). Let us be warned, however, but we have heard that it is weaker than you might think.

Windsor Half Marathon

Windsor Half Marathon

September 29 at 10.00 from 40.50 EEK

Windsor Great Park

Ealing isn't fancy enough for you? If you want your fall party with a surcharge, head to Windsor. This 13.1-miller takes place in the Great Park and begins and ends in the shadow of Windsor Castle. The trail is quite hilly, but stunning and you never know that the queen may howl there (she doesn't).

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