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Swimming is a great low impact cardio workout that you can start as an infant and continue throughout your life. It is the only one of its kind and has many benefits that you can enjoy, but does swimming burn enough calories? We will address it today.

What does "calories burn" mean?

"Calorie" is a word we hear a lot. How Many Calories Are In Your Diet? How Many Calories Did You Burn? Calories in, calories out. But what is even calorie and why would you want to burn it? Calorie, to put it simply, is a measurement of energy. We consume calories (or kilocalories) and then the body stores them for energy consumption later. Exercise burns the calories you consume to produce the energy needed to exercise it during the upcoming workout. But some workouts burn more than others. Take running, for example. A 150-pound person who runs six miles per hour for an hour can burn about 680 calorieswhereas the same person who does Hatha Yoga for an hour burns around 283. That's a big difference, but where's the swimming on this scale?

Swimming to burn calories

Swimming is a fantastic workout because of its cardiovascular benefits and low impact nature. The amount of calories burned while swimming depends greatly on the amount of exercise effort (this applies to all workouts). A 150-pound person floating for an hour can expect to burn about 400 calories, reports caloriecontrol.org.

Why calorie expenditure is not always important

In the sports world, we tend to focus on one ton of calories, and while it's good to know where you stand, there are other things to keep in mind. This is especially important for swimming and other low-impact cardiovascular exercises. For example, a runner should take quite a few days off each week. They complete high impact exercises and their bodies need time to heal and recover. However, swim training is virtually impact free, which means you can swim longer and more often. While a one-hour run can burn 680 calories, you should only exercise two to three times a week. Hourly swimming, however, burns about 400 and you could basically do it every day.

How to Swim to Burn Calories |

There are many different exercises in the pool, from AquaFit to pool sports, but when it comes to calorie burning, learning to swim in your lap is the way to go. There are lots of swim strokes to try, and since diversity is the spice of life, you should see how much you can learn. But when it comes to calorie flashlight, butterfly reigns supreme. According to Calorie Cruncher at Swimming.org, you can burn more than 800 calories per hour with a butterfly stroke. But don't be fooled, swimming an butterfly for an hour is a huge task. So start small. Learn to swim first and then watch the time and the circle.

Here are some other swimming strokes, ranked by most calories burned per hour, writes Swimming.org:

  1. Butterfly: 808 calories
  2. Breast: 734 calories
  3. Back: 514 calories
  4. Free time swimming: 440 calories

Should I burn calories?

The answer to this is simple. If you like workout, you do workout. So, whether you like swimming, group exercise, weight lifting, water aerobics or yoga, you need to do what you love to do (make sure you switch to exercise and of course try yourself). One reason swimming is such a fantastic exercise to add to your routine is that you can swim in old age, making the efforts you make today useful to you for years to come.

Where to swim

Chuze Fitness has deep water pools at several locations. We provide group training in the pool and there are always new and experienced swimmers who practice their laps. So, come in and let it go. We would love to see you in the pool at any of our locations below.


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