10 weight loss exercises you need to learn

Before learning to acquire any other fitness tool, you need to acquire what you already have: your weight! Exercising using only your weight is not only comfortable, but also prepares you for external resistance later. Craft these 10 weight loss exercises Life can be busy between children, work, responsibilities and personal time! And sometimes that

Shoulder stabilization exercises

Promoting shoulder stabilization exercises If you spend enough time training in functional fitness, you should definitely face shoulder problems with the client. This injury is usually caused by excessive head pressure in poor shape and without the expected shoulder stability. This injury is frustrating for both the client and the coach. It tends to restrict

10 Best Body Weight Exercises

10 Best Body Weight Exercises

Stay home but want to play sports? you do not have access to a gym or do not have a budget invest? Here are the best body weight exercises for workouts simple home sports without equipment. Why are these best body weight exercises If you exercise without equipment at home, you will Exercise opportunities are

Top 6 stability ball exercises

Stability ball is one of the best equipment in any gym: if you practice it, it creates so much instability that it forces your smaller, stabilizing muscles to work harder to keep you firm and steady. Over time, this increases the strength and endurance of these muscles to prevent better movement patterns and injury. Although