Fitso introduces a new sports betting – regular "Tap – not scattered" sessions – Fitso

It is known that there have been unprecedented situations in the last few months that affect everyone's normalcy. Pandemic downtime and social distance demands have had a strong impact on the sports and leisure industries. As the pandemic is here to persist for some time, many companies, especially Fitso, areNew plain”. Although people are adapting

8 sports experts you need to follow on Instagram in 2019

Here are some of the most popular Instagram fitness accounts that don't just post selfies and bootie shots … Ben constantly posts high-quality nutrition tips in the form of useful research (without science), videos, and bizarre infographics. Worth watching! Unfortunately, it's shameless, but I can't round without getting involved. Recipes, fitness infographics with cute dog

My sports gift guide for every budget

Weight training is a must for everyone! As Christmas approaches, buying gifts has already officially begun. Looking for fitness or health improvement ideas for your life? Well, I have the answers and for every price point! Equipment If you want to help build a loved one's home gym, why not check out these PowerBlocks! These