20 tips to get started

By Rachel Grunwell 1. The most difficult thing to do when starting a runway is to make a decision. Then start today. Just jump! 2. Small steps work best. Start with 10 minutes twice a week. Walk to the power post, run next. Repeat. Take it slowly and easily. This gives your muscles and ligaments

Reduce your recovery time with these four tips

Incorporate these habits to speed recovery and enjoy significant benefits during your weight training. With the internet at your fingertips, it is surprisingly easy to keep up with the latest research or find new and innovative training techniques for improve muscle growth. Although modern technology has given us access to the latest training information, it

5 Garmin cage and runner tips

Reading time: 8 minutes I think it is true that, in terms of technology, we do not use absolutely all the features available to us. There are certain things my phone does that I never use … like Siri! I bought the Garmin Fenix ​​5s * at the London Marathon last year and I'm pretty

Keep up the sport: all the advice and tips

Best yoga postures for back pain

It's gone, now you're really motivated for it resume the sport, transform your body and improve your health! Only problem: you haven't done any physical activity in a few years now and you don't quite know where to start … I offer you today my advice for a resumption of successful sports, any age. Make

5 tips to move you more

5 tips to move you more

Need tips for moving more? When we want to lose weight and burn more calories, we usually turn to sports! And that's actually the most effective way to increase calorie expenditure. But if you don't like sports, or can't do more, here are some tips for increasing physical activity without feeling like you're engaged in