ACE Overview Getting ready for 2020: How to keep your training fresh in the New Year

January is usually the time for health and exercise enthusiasts to pull out all stops. We spend the holidays thinking about refreshing our classes and providing participants with an enhanced experience. Then we hit the floor with our new ideas. While I am sure you have a fantastic trick or two up for the New

Use Move It on Monday Keep your training resolutions in good working order for a long time

A lot of effort has been spent making New Year's resolution, but we rarely approach it keeping with the same vigor and enthusiasm. It's easy to catch idea before developing a suitable plan for its implementation. Long-term goals, especially those related to physical health and well-being, require preparation, and while a formal commitment to change

Are you over training? (Learn how to say here)

How do you know if you push too hard during training? Overeating is a real phenomenon. This is you can train so much that you would rather break it down rather than build it up. But most people never get close to "real" overtraining, which is accentuated by (stressed?) Physical interruptions that are hard to