The 7 Best Fattening Low Fat Foods

You probably know by now that the whole low-fat revolution is the main cause of the mass obesity pandemic today. Ancel Keys started decades ago with the myth that fat is fattening. Our government took its flawed science and ran with it, causing the deadly information of our society (and now the rest of the world).

Over the past 30 years we have proven that eating low fat is extremely fattening. If you want to deal with certain areas of the body that seem to accumulate fat, visit our website to see how we can treat it without surgery. It may seem the opposite, but eating fat does not make you fat. Eating most types of carbohydrates will make you fat, especially if those carbohydrates are low in fat.

Certain types of calorie combinations also make fat, such as carbohydrates and fat combinations, but as you can see, the common denominator is carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates make you fat. And here are seven of the most fattening types of carbohydrates.

1.) Soda is packed with sugar. In fact, it's like concentrated sugar, dissolved in a liquid medium that makes it invisible to your eyes and the hunger-satiety system. Whether this soda contains real sugar or high fructose corn syrup is almost irrelevant because in both cases your body is thrown into fat storage mode and your brain goes into high hunger mode. Even diet soda has the same effect on your brain, so you end up eating more than the calories you just saved by eating toxic chemicals that replace sugar. And don't get me started on these toxic chemicals as they can contribute as much or more to obesity and disease than the sugar they replace.

2.) Cereals are mainly made from sugar or consist of fast carbohydrates that become sugar in your body 30 minutes or less after eating them. Just say no to cereals. It's a lazy man's breakfast and it won't do you any good. It only hurts you, makes you sick and thicker. This is also done for your children, so stop feeding them as well.

3.) Bread is almost the same story as with cereals. Basically, it's just starch, which is then easily and quickly converted to glucose, so eating a piece of white bread, as far as your fat storage capacity is, is quite similar to eating a candy can. There are many studies that show that whole wheat, "ancient grains" and cracked wheat can be healthy, but do not believe them. In these studies, these "healthier" breads were compared to "less healthy" breads, such as white bread and highly refined flour, so naturally less refined breads are healthier, but they still favor fat storage and are simply "less bad" than more refined breads.

4.) Low fat granolabatons sugar or other high-carbohydrates are usually packed as fat is removed, so sugar must be added to compensate. Fat makes it tasty, so when you take it off, you need to add something else that is usually some kind of sugar to taste it. This is true for most low fat foods, regardless of whether they are disguised as healthy, such as granolabatons. And don't be fooled by the term "organic." Many people think that the word "organic" automatically means healthy. No it is not. Of course it is better to eat organic food, but there are many extremely fattening organic foods.

5.) Low fat yogurt (frozen or not) are usually packaged with sugar or artificial sweeteners for the same reason as mentioned above, granolabatons and other low fat foods.

6.) low fat cookies are some of the worst culprits when it comes to processed food sugar. You can make cookies yourself by following some of the recipes on, but don't bother buying any cookies, regardless of your sugar or fat content. They are LOTS processed and have absolutely no nutritional value.

7.) Tree often referred to as healthy food, but today's fruits are nothing more than "nature candy." The fruit we had 100 years ago actually had nutritional value, but since then, we've grown it bigger, sweeter, and growing faster for the company's profits. This has reduced fiber and nutrient levels while dramatically increasing fructose, arguably the most fattening type of sugar.

To replace fat, low-fat foods almost always have high levels of sugar (or other high-carbohydrates). All high-sugar foods are for fattening. Period. They usually make you hungry too, so you end up eating more.

Just say no to low fat foods. These foods, too, are usually heavily processed, so that's another reason to say no. If you are lazy and don't care about your health, look for it, because it is definitely easier, but if you care about your health and those of your loved ones, you will run away from the plague. . Take a little time for yourself and those you love to step into the kitchen and cook with your hands, using real food ingredients from local organic sources where possible.

Take a little time for yourself and those you love to step into the kitchen and cook with your hands, using real food ingredients from local organic sources where possible.

And if you're still not convinced or refuse, watch the great video below:

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