The best classes from the Peloton application

Sharing the best Peloton application classes, especially since I've been using this application for just under three years! There are many different options on the platform, and browsing through all the options can be confusing. Here are my great favorites!

Hello friends! How are you in the morning? I hope you enjoy a long weekend, although let's be real, it's almost the same every day right now. 😉 We’re probably grilling some black bean burgers and going swimming.

For this post, I will share some of my favorite lessons from the Peloton app! They have great lessons and I feel like I am constantly discovering new workouts and mentors I love. Here are some of my main options to get started, especially if you're trying to become a trial member. Here are my tips on how to create a training plan after Peloton training and my favorite teachers!

Sharing the best grades from the Peloton app!

The application is divided into categories: strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, running, outdoors (sound), cycling, stretching, boot chamber and walking.

Here you can choose your class according to your goals and mood:

Strength, yoga or starting camp if you are looking for strength work

Yoga, stretching or meditation if you want to relax

Cycling, running, walking, cardio or bootcamp if you are looking for cardio benefits

For the class you selected you can filter the workout depending on how long you want to train, the type of lesson, etc.

Sharing the best grades from the Peloton app!

Here are my main options for each training mode:

Strength: I like the most 20 or 30 minute hours and you can choose whether you want upper body, lower body, core, full body or weight training. To be honest, I'm not crazy about fearless weight training. I often feel hidden and it comes from someone who loves Peloton! I've only found one strength teacher I really enjoy: Jess Sims. I highly recommend him a workout!

Yoga: For these classes, I prefer 30-minute feeds. Aditi is a great tutor and I like Denis too. Their yoga offerings have improved dramatically over the past year and are getting better.

Cardio: I haven't tried many of these classes, mainly because I usually use a cardio bike when I'm in the Peloton app. The 20-minute HIIT cardio looks like a sure choice and Jess Sims is leading some of them, so you know her classes are good. I've tried the dance card, but I couldn't go into it.

Running: For running classes, I prefer thematic races (eg 80s) or HIIT races. Olivia is my favorite running instructor. He makes it fun and challenging and somehow it never becomes soulful? If I had to teach running class to EVERYONE, I would tend to throb and blow all over the place.

Bicycle ride: That's why I love and love the Peloton app. I started my Peloton journey on a spin bike with a supported app and finally bought a bike a few years ago. My favorite trips: live DJ rides (my No. 1!), Themed rides (like Latin Ride or The biggest showman ride), Sundays with Love with Ally and Club Bangers Alex.

Stretching: It seems to me that stretching classes are also a little mean, but I do them often when I need someone to force me to stretch. These are quite basic and often do not go into the "why" of stretching certain muscle groups.

Sharing the best grades from the Peloton app!

Overview of Peloton classes

With all the Peloton classes I took with me – 234 and climbing – there are only a handful I didn't love. I missed some bootcamp / weight training (they just felt terrible to me) and wasn't crazy about dance cardio. It seems to me that sometimes they offer too many things, instead of focusing on modes that work especially well for them, such as cycling and running. (I understand why more = better, but I also think it's worth focusing on your strengths, you know?)

If you are planning to go to class for the first time and you do not have a spin wheel, I recommend you start running or walking. Try one of Jess Sim & # 39; s strength classes and cover it with a nice yoga from Denis. 🙂

So Peloton's friends: what are your best classes in the app? Sundays with Love & # 39; s and Live DJ biking are my favorites.




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Keep up: this post is not supported in any way and I am not affiliated with Peloton. I just really like them.

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