The hustle and bustle of Part 2 – the pulse of the entire gym

Don't let your vacation take you away from a healthy routine. Keep up the healthy routine by doing fast and effective workouts that will maximize your efforts while keeping the holidays busy during the season.

This exercise program keeps your body up to date with a series of workouts that challenge your muscles and help burn those extra calories.

The holiday series is divided into five workouts, each focusing on:
1. Whole Body – Click for Part 1
2. Heart blast
3rd body
4. Upper body and core
5. Flow fusion (yoga and pilates movements)

These routines can be done individually or combined for longer workouts. The best part is that you can keep them short and sweet by making one set, or extend your workout time by filling multiple sets.

# 2 CARDIO BLAST Training

This heartbeat puts this malfunction in your muscle, burning off the extra calories of the holiday.


• Dynamically warm up your muscles before working out.
• Perform 10-20 repetitions of each exercise, 3 sets. (about 3-5 minutes)
• Move the circuit directly.

Setting: squat base fixed / high

Heating Exercises

1. Step up / knee up
• Face away from the tower and do the exercise by stepping on the sliding table.
2. squats
• Performed throughout the gym with a squat accessory.
• To warm up different corners of the muscle, change the position of your feet.
3. One leg squat
• Keep your knee squatting

* Feel free to add other exercises that dynamically warm up your muscles.


• Perform exercises in a circular format until they are completed
• KITS: Perform at least 2 sets, the first on the right side, the 2nd set on the left.
• REPS: 10-15 reps per workout OR 60 seconds of each exercise.
• Repeat the circuit as time permits.

Circle exercises

1. Jump on the squats
2. One-leg Jumps (Alternate Legs)
3. Star jumps
4. Yogurt
5. Oblique crunching (body and feet angled on squat)


End your workout with a series of stretches that lengthen your muscles or foam roller to help your muscles recover so you can properly prepare for your next workout.

Watch a video to see how these cardio workouts can be done at your Total gym.

Keep up with the killer feet training.

Have a nice holiday

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