For several weeks, I've been putting on a turnkey food plan to help you lose weight. It is a balanced and easy to follow menu based on calorie needs and goals. Here are the first returns from those who tested the diet.

Everyone who came back to me lost weight very quickly:

" I'll give you back after a week, -2.2 kg, -1 cm everywhere and -2 cm in the hips "


" Since Sunday I have already lost 2 kg in 8 days"


" I am 42 years and 2 boys, judgment: -2 kg in 8 days and I like"

" After 2 weeks, -3 cm at the waist, -2 cm at the navel and -3 cm at the hips, I am pleasantly surprised "


" With mom we were a little surprised, -200 gr for me and -500 gr for mom in 5 days"

"2 weeks after the start I am -2 kg. Thank you.


" I have already lost 1 kg in 8 days and can't even finish my plates "


" I just started the plan a week ago, I'm very happy, I lost 600 gr "


" This morning pleasant surprise, I lost 1.3 kg, I am so glad it will be good for the summer"

Food plan from 1300 to 2000 KCAL

It's definitely the first feedback I get when we start the eating plan. We eat a lot of food! If the portions are so large, it is precisely because the food plan is based on a balanced diet and aims to give you the best food! As a result, not only are you full, you feel less frustrated and snacks less!

" I have to admit that I eat a lot more than usual. Me who tended to starve me in weight, it changes me and I don't seem to be aware. Thank you ! "


I am not hungry, I am stopped and I feel much better! Thank you a lot"


" I find it difficult to follow the diets that are not varied enough for the greedy I am. I enjoy it, I love to cook, I have already tested many recipes"

" No hunger torment, no headache in improving meals because food is not taxed and I say that while I am a vegetarian "


" I no longer snack between meals, I don't eat sweets or anything, it's great! "


"I used to stagnate, I'm super happy and don't want to snack anymore"

"I was very skeptical about eating more, that's just the beginning, but it's super encouraging"

21 Balanced and delicious recipes for € 5

For not everyone who likes to eat healthy but also have fun, don't hesitate to download e-books with recipes just as good for the line as for morals HERE

Another benefit is that the plan is especially easy to follow! You can cook quickly, prepare meals in advance, choose the ingredients you really want with each meal, and the guide that comes with your plan gives you many tips for understanding how balanced eating works.

If you want to lose weight, you don't know how to eat according to your calorie needs, or you just need a boost to reach your goals quickly, then the diet plan is for you! Nothing can be simpler, just:

  1. Calculate your calorie requirement
  2. Order the plan to suit your needs
  3. Monitor your mailbox
  4. Follow the menu step by step every day

The test takes less than 2 minutes and it's free! It lets you know the scientific estimate of your calorie needs (the amount you should eat) based on weight, height, age, physical activity and of course your goals! This is very important information to know how much our body needs. Do not hesitate to take the test to find out your needs HERE

And if you follow the food plan and want to give your opinion, don't hesitate to send me a testimonial (opinion, measurements, before / after, etc.) at or to share on social networks with the hashtag #teamefg

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