This week I ….. – lipstick, salad and lycra

Well, things are definitely moving, right?

Today I am out of my daily workout with 10k runs. It was snowing, but now the sun is shining through my window, thanks to the world. For the rest of the day, I plan on being kind to myself, because it hasn't really been a week to repeat. I go in a long warm bath, paint my nails and watch some dirty TV.

But first, this week I…

Got a Mother's Day card

Apparently my mops are so smart they can buy and write cards. How adorable is it?

Was ahead of the news

Last Sunday, as I was writing my catch up, I was preparing 3 personal trainings in the park on Monday morning. I felt a little uncomfortable and wondered if I should even interrupt my outdoor sessions, and on Sunday evening I contacted all of my clients and told them that I would quit my job and come up with some new apocalypse-friendly solution.

On Monday night, it was obvious to all of us that we had to stay inside our government's daily approved exercise and so I was ahead of the news again.

I know many personal trainers have moved to online training, but I find it difficult to set it up. I had considered going to the park, but it's over. My house is quite small, but the problem is not necessarily small, that's the amount of stuff, which means I can't find anywhere where I can take pictures with everything set up with the camera. My dining room is a possibility, but when I jump or crash, all the glasses in my cocktail cabin fall. We have a "free room" but the two of us work from home, which is already required as a workshop / office.

Let's just say it's a work in progress.

There was some terrible news

It's so deeply personal that I don't even want to share it, but I think the loss of my week would be wrong without it because it was such a prominent part of it.

Earlier this week I had the terrible news that a very old and dear friend was dead. He did not die of the coronary virus, he took his own life and it was very sudden and very shocking. He was one of the best people I have ever met, far better than I was, and had offered me support and love through the worst times of my life.

It struck me at six and I can't say I couldn't exist for her husband and children, even though I know they have support.

Remember to reach out to people during these terrible times, offer your support, and receive support when it is offered. None of us have to go through it alone.

The day after I also heard that my friend when I was a teenager had suddenly died of an aneurysm. We weren't really close, not even as a teenager, but it was another shock in an already terrible week.

Advanced hypochondria

Together with the rest of the country. It is amazing how many of the items on the list of Coronavirus symptoms include symptoms of panic attack, chronic anxiety, hay fever, asthma and drinking too much wine.

Tellingly, my breathlessness disappears mysteriously if I don't go on Facebook for a few hours and then come back when I sit down and open it again.

In addition, I have a thermometer, so at least I can obsessively take my temperature several times a day. It is normal.

Went to the cinema

No, we didn't, of course we didn't, but we put up a projector and looked at Zombieland and Zombieland, Double Tap in a different room of our house.

I took one horrible photo, but let me share it anyway.


Honestly, my social life this week has been tighter than usual, it's just that I've done everything on my couch, wearing leggings and no makeup.

On Thursday night, I took a virtual pub quiz with old friends that I went to school with. We don't see each other often, so it was cute. I learned to use Zoom and got 33/50. I'm not sure where that puts us in the 180,000 people who watched the Pub Quiz live, but we thought we were doing pretty well!

Yeah, you read that right, 180,000. The guy waited for a handful of people who used to play at a local pub and then the whole world tuned in.

You should play next week, it's fun.

Then on Friday night, with a little hunger, we used Facebook messenger to play Blockbuster with some local friends. The wonders of technology.

Received a surprise gift

An envelope arrived through my door. It didn't contain a note, but cute cocktail earrings.

I didn't know who sent them, but it warmed my heart. Later I found out it was one of my PT clients, and everything else happened this week. I forgot he had asked for my address.

She's cute.

Eat inappropriate things

I am on many health and sports groups on Facebook. There is no guarantee that you will feel bad after reading all of their posts about how their appetites have just disappeared. Now they can no longer work out as much if you have a spoon full of marmalade peanut butter and help your husband with the bucket flying plates he ordered from Amazon.

Of course, there was also some proper eating. With so much to do today, here are some of this week's dinners, mushroom, spinach and goat cheese paste, chickpea curry and slow-roasted tomato cheese risotto.

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