Understand it or lose your eligibility

Not all workouts are created equal (and "I'm in the rock all day" doesn't count workouts), so the construction worker is in great danger. They work hard every day, are fully exposed to the elements without time to repair and rejuvenate. Unlike the bone-breaking physical work that tears you down, the exercise program that builds you up is based on principles of overload, specificity, repetition, rest and reversibility.

Overload means that there is a certain incentive to adapt.

Specificity Exercising means that a specific adaptive stimulus causes very specific structural, metabolic, hormonal and functional changes in your body elements. Different regimens have different outcomes for the skeletal, muscular or cardiovascular systems.

Repetition simply means that you must go through the same movements over and over again (but not to the point of injury).

Rest is an important step in construction, and without it, increasing health can be a loss.

Finally reversibility means you can lose the benefits if you stop training.

Sorry people, but once we get back to this unpleasant truth: use it or lose itwhich is expanding "use it properly or lose it"A: If you do any of the old exercises in any old way, you are likely to suffer as much as good. You need to do it right to reap the rewards and avoid the harm.

7 best mistakes made when listening RUMORS

  1. Always stretch before exercising – The truth behind this bad idea is that stretching is imperative. But the classic (erroneous) idea that became popular in the 1970s is that you need to stretch before training to avoid injury. (Cold stretching is more likely to cause injuries. It is a good idea to practice slow sweating before stretching. For example, if you are a runner, start walking, then slow jogging until you warm up.

  2. Go heavy or go homeAllen Iverson has been the toughest athlete in the US, and he tried to do it anyway. Then he was worried that he had been pushed too hard, and it finally caught up with him. His career ended too soon. Hardness can look ugly 10 years later – just like that Forty North Dallas. You don't want to be so tough that you never put on bottles of painkillers or on an aluminum walker.

  3. Believing in mirror muscles – This is for many innocent or misguided young men. Focusing too narrowly on limited goals can cause anatomical imbalances. Millions of boys spend billions of hours on endless benches pushing curls and curls to build "mirror muscles". the ones they see training in front of the reflective walls of their weight room. It will create imbalance in front of shoulders, which is simply asked rotator cuff problems. Too often, there are disorganized training programs like a movie producer who spends all of his budget on a leading character but forgets to hire a good supporting cast. As another example, everyone seems to be worried about their abdominal muscles, but not enough people pay attention to back extenders that work absolutely against them. So you can get guys who have six pack abs and lower back problems.

  4. Stupid Harley Effect – Fixing the mirror muscles with becoming too tight for themselves is called so-called "Harley effect" (In the 1990s, US gyms used to park guy parks outdoors). Many of these types, with or without Harley, have been pumping iron since their teens. They seem to spend most of their time demonstrating their strength, throwing their weight, rather than building force through slow, steady, controlled movement. And certainly they are not seeking advice. They think, "Coach showed me how to do it in 8th grade, now I see how to do it. I don't need help." The problem is, the coach may not have known what he was talking about. And we've learned a lot about exercise physiology since 1982. I come in contact with such people every day. It is a pity that such people have now become gym coaches and the smallest thing people believe in them in India. "Baahubali doesn't know how to cure scoliosis." One should never sacrifice the right form for extra weight.

  5. High doses"if a little is good, it is even better". Another aspect of the "Harley effect" is that the same harleys are parked outside the gym almost every day, with the same guys working the same muscles. Unfortunately, when it comes to muscle growth, there is nothing better. Then the muscles always respond to overload to rest. Too much exercise can lead to muscle breakdown and loss. Generally you should never do the same or similar workout for two consecutive days. But, walking, stretching, yoga, core training and other lower intensity activities can be done safely every day. However, before you can confirm Arnold's genetics, you need to turn to qualified and knowledgeable coaches.

  6. Love or obsession – Just do what you love to do. These trainers or your friends will guide you as they proclaim that they are mad. For example, if you all have a run, you have classic, predictable imbalances like patellofemoral syndrome or runner knee and also IT Band syndrome. Swimming, cycling, yoga – you can choose any activity and I can tell you what's great about it, but also the risks and the work involved. That's why there is no ideal single action.

  7. Women gain muscle – "Women should avoid using heavier weights to avoid becoming overweight. "This is advice given by men, spouse's friends, jealous wife, illiterate trainers, and sometimes corrupt and incapacitated doctors. Native Americans are famous for having this way of thinking. The average woman has a very different hormonal difference than men. You almost never have to worry about becoming an "INCREDIBLE AMOUNT", no matter how much injection of hormone before. The woman has 15 mg / dl to 74 mg / dl testosterone (a muscle-building hormone) and on the other hand a man 200 mg / dl to 1200 mg / dl testosterone (TE) in the blood. Therefore, women need a minimum of 200 mg / dl TE. But yes, weight training women can make their muscles visible due to fat loss and toning does not confuse muscle growth like men.

"It is better to believe in science than to trust those who are like books that have a good and attractive title page but whose content is risky or dangerous."

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