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When I started working with IRIS two years ago, I honestly thought the relationship was about finding the right glasses for my face and supporting a local business. But when I decided to do this re-cap post, I realized that this relationship was much more than just learning how to buy the right pair of glasses.

While finding pairs of glasses that are suitable for myself and the whole family, I have learned from doctors as well as our local Irishman how I can better support my family, support my eye health, protect my eyes against the blue rays, support healthier dreams, focus and avoid unnecessary headaches. We've also learned the importance of not only wearing sunglasses to protect our family's eyes during the warmer months, but also the importance of protecting our eyes from harmful rays, dust, and debris throughout the year – something we need to consider, before we take off our summer sunstroke. .

Looking back at this list, I am once again clear on how I think the style focused relationship develops and fashion quickly became so much.

As a blogger, there is a partnership that leaves a lasting impact on your family and I can say that this is just the time for our family with Iris.

Looking to 2020, we have already begun to plan how we can better cook not only for performance and aesthetics, but for our health as a whole, our eyes are an important part of this planning.

We are also looking for ways to help our children make eye care a daily health routine at school and at home by encouraging the use of blue light goggles while using screens, reading times and appropriate sunglasses for sports and outdoor use.

Never in a million years would I have thought that putting these things on the health goals of our family, and it would have been amazing to me how simple tips, information, and quality investment in relationships can change your perspective.

Thanks to the IRIS team!

You have been one of our biggest investments.

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