We always have a choice

We always have a choice

We always have a choice

We ALWAYS have a choice. In every aspect of our lives. It may not be the right time to make a choice, it may not seem obvious, and it may not be easy or even possible, but choice is always there.

I live in California and decided to be here more than 15 years ago. (Enter your status, situation, something here). I was fascinated by nature, the warm climate, the sunset, the beaches and the endless hiking trails and cared for by the free world of thought of the people living here.

And now I'm very disappointed with what's going on here. That seems wrong, it is disappointing, and I am smart enough to know that living in the feelings of victims is not good for us.

The victim's world of thought never helps us

Except for one of the passages above, I'm not going to complain or scream about it anymore. WHY? Because we ALWAYS have a choice.

I talked to my good friend the next morning. He was very disappointed and said it seemed very wrong. I'll share with you what I told him. And I also share my responsibility.


Option 1:

Use your / our power / voice / platforms to make a difference. This does not mean "complaining on social media", but means taking action and making changes. File a lawsuit, write who you need to write, TAKE ME. But complaining on social media doesn't change that.

Option 2:

MOVEMENT. Dang Florida looks really good right now, lol. But move on if you don't like it. (I'm not there yet)

Option 3

FIND FREE and move on. If you turn off the news, stop browsing social events and turn to the current situation for what you LOVE, your whole mood will change. I'm focused here now. I write this sitting in my home in San Diego, overlooking the palm trees, the window opens with a 70 degree wind, the sound of birds, the roaring bird stopping by my window, drinking my cocoa drink, writing AND now, at this point, I have only gratitude.

All in all, shut up and shut down or take action

We ALWAYS have a choice

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