Weekly trainings June 8 – 14, 2020

weekly training

As locking in the US has eased and many gyms have reopened, it made me wonder how my own training habits could change if / when things return to 'normal'. I am so lucky to have a gym at home in our garden and, having spent a lot of money on a Peloton bike and an app, I have canceled my gym membership.

The Peloton app includes strength training, yoga, stretching, cardio sessions, as well as guided running, treadmill lessons and bike training, which I'm talking about so much. I can create a very thorough and round training plan using just the application and devices at home.

However, there are a few things missing that I can't do at home … Swimming and reformer pilates!

I swam a lot last summer and enjoyed it a lot, and although I don't have any plans for triathlon any time soon, I had planned to take part in at least one Henley Thames swim this July. I hope that our local outdoor pool will reopen on July 4th and that I will get some weekly swimming sessions until I start to chill again in the cold.

I had just started again in Reformer Pilates classes, my friend Steph, and we convinced Bootcamp Pilates in Windsor on Thursday morning for a pre-opening hour that will hopefully start reopening (and we also want to support the small. and creating the best between you and your workouts / budgets!).

Finally, I have a few more PT sessions that I paid back for in Go Perform & # 39; in February and will definitely make the most of. They work closely with their physique to ensure that training is planned to support weaknesses. I know I have few. In the coming years, it is a priority to deal with my plantar fasciitis, and I look forward to working with experts on painkillers and to help stop injuries in the future (I hope!).

Peloton ride



20 minutes 80th race with Emma Lovewell, followed by a 5-minute race after the race. I'm not gone difficult I have used low-speed cycling training for running (and serious stress relief!) for some time on my Peloton rides! I would like to come up with an approximate timetable that will allow me to increase the mileage without completely interrupting the Peloton bike training.

In this week’s podcast interview with Becs Gentry, he talks about focusing on running rather than cross-country skiing to build the specificity and fitness of the run, which I thought was surprising from Peloton’s instructor!


Rest day


A double run day, a 20-minute HIIT run with Andy Speer in the Peloton app before work. I've faffed too much in the morning, leaving until the last minute to actually go out and do my run (although I've usually been awake for at least half an hour before running). As I increase my morning mileage, I need to streamline my pre-race morning routine to squeeze more running time!

After work, I ran / walked 4 miles along the river near Eton Dorney with Elli – we started running to Starbucks to pick up our NHS free hot chocolates, then ran for 4 minutes, walking 1 minute by the river. Check out this instagram to see why I do more double runs when I build my miles.


I had planned to run before work, then I fell asleep so terribly that I could run after work. I ran for 3 miles in the parking lot before taking a shower and then met my friend Emily for a walk in Richmond Park.


Unplanned rest day

I overcame last week with real anxiety and worrying about the need to run added to my stress. I find a job and worry about my husband's airline after working very hard and I know I shouldn't let my hobil (and usually get rid of stress) add stress. In the past, I would have let myself feel very guilty and say things like "if I really want this BQ, I have to do this run" or I asked myself how committed I really am when I train in training. However, I feel that I feel better now and know when I am lazy and when I really need to pardon myself.

I shared the Instagram post below and was confused by the incredibly supportive messages;

"Anxiety is something I talked about a lot before, but hasn't mentioned for a while. I felt that the anxiety I had at work was manageable, but it changed too much last week. I had a panic attack at night, was irrationally clumsy and overwhelmed (a sign for me that I wasn't dealing with my anxiety), and I felt too confused to run. I'm in trouble when I see the consequences of Covid's mental health in wards at work, dealing with the stress associated with my husband's airplane work, plus negative responses and stops sharing BLM content, while feeling that I'm not sharing enough or I'm an ally enough of blacks and LGBTQ + communities.
I do not send this sympathy in mind, but I want to be completely honest here and on my blog. Messages of support flared up yesterday, sharing that you like the daily balance between running and working full time, the ups and downs of real life and the reality of running!
Last week I was worried that I was making excuses why I didn't want to run or I felt like I couldn't run, but looking back it wasn't those excuses, they were a reality in life right now. 9 miles was not my goal last week, but it was better than 0, and unleashing it and admitting my anxiety has already helped me get to a better place this week and shoot five miles! Hopefully this can help everyone else who ever feels guilty for not running / training when there is so much going on in the rest of the world. "

weekly training


I woke up from the onset of the migraine and felt guilty that I wasn’t running, but after talking to myself knowing I had a long week and anxiety high, I switched it to a stretching / yoga session. 15 minutes of restorative yoga in our home gym, while Tom did a Peloton workout that didn’t encourage relaxation!

A confident deodorant called on me to move more home as part of their new campaign. They share daily workouts and tips on their website for those who only have 10 minutes to train in small homes, and are the best way to maximize your workout. I already train a lot at home with our Peloton bike and treadmill, as well as a proud new gym, but the failure of yoga on Saturday made me realize how much time and space I need to create both time and space for stretching training.

Before closing, I regularly attended Reading Sunday Yoga for restorative yoga, but I was still postponed for 2.5 hours on Sunday night. Taking a Peloton class on Saturday reminded me that I shouldn't really make excuses for not doing yoga / stretching, especially now that I have a special training room at home. As part of a dead campaign, I was presented with a Lululemon gift card, which I had previously used to buy a new yoga mat (mine was a decaying café, blocks and strap from the event years ago). I have also invested in lighting upholstery, candles and a diffuser, which helps to turn the space in the gym into a yoga machine if necessary!

There are a huge number of yoga and stretching classes available in the Peloton app, but I also love to watch yoga with Adrien in free yoga youtube videos.


20 min recovery trip with Ben Alldis in the Peloton app! The perfect end to a less than perfect week! Here is a better week for both mental health and training next week …

Will you go back to your gym when it reopens, or have you already created a nice little set at home?

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