When did we accept that it was OK to be so hard on ourselves?

I absolutely love New Year because it is like a new beginning, a pure slate and a world of potential and opportunity. Why does this miracle so quickly shut down the fear of not meeting your expectations?

Do you ever make New Year's decisions or goals and feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated rather than inspired, motivated and energetic? Why do you think that is?

Is it the pressure we exert on ourselves not to get confused or get out of the way, because then we feel like we have failed? Where did the pressure come from and when did it start?

When did we agree that it would be ok if we had to be so tough with ourselves that we wouldn't even try?


One of my favorite things about SBF is our community on Facebook. We have a group of active SBFs where members encourage, inspire, share stories, engage and build relationships. It is a support system that brings together women from all over the world who face the lies that are fed to us every day and remind each other why it is why we choose to be healthy and try to be the best version of ourselves. These are the women who help each other to answer the questions above and push each other in the face of fear and hold on to a value that our appearance, scale, or number of birthdays cannot find. I celebrated.

Last week, one of the members shared these words with a great tool he found and was forced to share:

“I don't usually make resolutions because I usually stick to them for just a week. Something always changes or I come back to it like I was last year. Resolutions are ultimately stressful rather than useful.

It's late January, but I'm going to make a plan. This is not a new goal; it has been going on for awhile, but now i decided i was planning on pursuing it.

Objective: To be fit for life.

This is a goal that will last forever.

I've been dealing with SBF for a few years now, but I want to give myself more structure and make it a habit. At least 3 days a week, no apologies.

Someone once told me that too many people view coaching as something extra, something they can do. But not enough people treat it as a necessity, such as food. Something they should do. It really made me think.

So here's my habit book! I found it at Target. This is a great little responsible book bound with awesome quotes on every page. During the holidays, I plan to select an SBF workout, run and save everything in this book. In addition, before I start exercising, I have to sit down, relax and make my commitments. I have to learn to take it slowly and not to rush into stuff. On holidays, I still plan too much. It must end!

Fit_Happens-2 Fit_Happens-6

So here it goes. It's too late, but I'll start signing up for SBF and picking some videos. And all this goes into this book.

Dear SBF, ladies! -Deborah S.

Thank you very much for sharing this Deborah! It encouraged me to see so much that you intentionally create a plan and implement tools to help you stick to it!

3 most important things to keep in mind

  1. You are strong and capable of more than you ever understand. Tell someone else today.
  2. Have mercy on yourself.
  3. When you feel depressed, sit down and do things for which you are grateful. Just start typing.


Ok, now it's time for a #giveaway lottery! I loved Deborah's Hobby Book so much that I watched the couple down and send you a book with a personal message!

Enter WIN by commenting below on your thoughts and SHARE this Facebook blog post.

xoxo Suzanne

P.S. If you don't win, you can find it at Target Magazine.

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