Why an active holiday is essential – and how to get it?

You will be happy to know that holidays are an important part of your training trip. This is correct! Get rid of the guilt you don't have for going to the gym seven days a week. But if you think the holidays are meant to be completely perpendicular to the couch, think again. Taking a recovery day does not always mean doing absolutely nothing. It's time to get involved active holidays in the training plan!

Why is a vacation important?

If you do not give your body time to recover from your workouts, you risk being overworked. Symptoms of overtraining can include enlarged muscle pain, a weakened immune system, poor sleep quality, decreased performance during exercise, or worse, injury. Not good!

Adding both an active and a passive day off gives your body the time it needs to heal, recover and grow. Planned holidays also allow you to take a mental break from tax training and allow you to regain energy and pump yourself up for your next workout.

What is an active holiday?

Active holiday days are designed to be light and light compared to cardio pumping workouts. These may vary slightly depending on your level of experience. An active person's active day off looks different and actually more intense than one who breaks down five days a week of workouts. The goal is to move just enough to pump blood and stimulate the body's recovery process.

There are other benefits to actively choosing a passive holiday, including raising your mood, raising your energy levels, and meeting your nutritional goals on active days.

What can I do on active holidays?

Save Netflix trash for a second time; you are fit, active and full of energy. In other words, keep moving!

The following ideas will help you make the most of your time away from the squat:

  • Spend time focusing on dynamic warm-ups, movement exercises, foam rolling and core strengthening exercises
  • Take a walk in the park or by the lake / beach
  • Ask a friend to climb outside the gym, go kayaking, hiking or bowling
  • Take time to take your dog to the dog park
  • Spend time running around with the kids to have quality time
  • Take a special trip to the trampoline park
  • Play kickball
  • Hit the local playground
  • Go dancing for a date or with friends
  • Choose a lower intensity workout, such as swimming, jogging, cycling, weight training, or elliptical jumping
  • Take a muscle and mind restorative yoga class
  • Head to the gym for a light workout where you focus on breathing, form and presence
  • Plan a massage to help these muscles relax

How long should I rest?

Active vacation days look different for every gym goer. For those who attack an intense program every day, your active day off can be easy. If you are a #fitfam newcomer and your workouts have been mild to moderate, you may be more active. The goal is 15 to 60 minutes of activity.

An active holiday is a must for everyone!

Choose activities that keep you moving, make you happy, help relieve stress, and prevent you from counting sets and repetitions every day. Allow yourself to step back and enjoy your training trip. Your body and mind thank you!

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