Why don't you want the body of dreams until this summer?

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Here you go girls,
If you came across this article, it is because the title got your attention. I warn all sensitive souls that in this article I will break all your dreams. If you were in the spirit of being at the top of your bikini this summer, I'll just explain why you don't get there.

Of course, this introduction is taken to a different degree [or not]. I just wanted to put into words the frustration that arises in me when I see all these articles go up on social networks for a few days: 10 Tips for Losing Weight Before Summer; Lose weight effectively before summer; How to lose weight in a month; etc.

How to build the body of your dreams?

If someone one day told you it was easy to do it transforming his bodyAnd most importantly, accept that, that person lied to you. You must know that nothing is easy in a physical transformation. You think it's just a kilo, but beyond the aesthetic and visual aspect, it will also work your mind, your view of yourself, your diet, your lifestyle, etc.

There are no secrets, products or miracle methods for Build the body of your dreams. It is all a matter of will, training and diligence. You must review your diet, see that it is the bad habits you have taken and change them; Join sports and go there regularly. Above all, do not deprive yourself, or spend hours every day on the treadmill at the gym, it will not help you go faster.

The goal of this article is not to share a program or anything with you, but I just want to tell you that we do not decide to lose weight in 2.5 months.

Why is it too late for the body of your dreams before this summer?

Girls seriously, look at the date on the phone screen: It's May 7, 2018. Summer is exactly 44 days away. 44 days to lose weight, build muscle, and Have the body of your dreams, this is what you sell the kind of items I mentioned in the intro.

If you want to join sports and change your diet, I congratulate you! It's a very nice step, you have to start at some point. But if you start these changes on the D-44 in the summer to lose your extra 5 kg beforefateful steps on the bikiniis a very bad idea.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I've been there, too, and I know it's the wrong way to do it. As I said in the previous paragraph, an organ is transformed and built over time. Eat less, strive to do cardio every day, … OK, it will surely make you lose a few pounds … That you take double this summer. In addition, you will be limp, your body will no longer have the same tone.

We do not decide to have the body of dreams for a particular season. So yes, in the summer, this is the period when you wear shorts, skirts, swimsuits; But your body builds every month, every season, whether it's very hot or very cold. It's a full-year, non-seasonal job. It takes months to see physical evolution.

If I just broke your dream this summer, tell yourself that your efforts started this month will make you feel good in a few months. Nothing is lost!

I just don't want you to be swayed by articles written by people who know absolutely nothing about it and who are published just to attract people. Eat properly, play sports, be diligent and motivated, it's the secret to feeling good about yourself. Don't compare yourself to others, accept your body type, your little mistakes, and work on what can change with sports or food 🙂

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