Why winter training is even more important

why it's so important to workout in winter

Why winter training is even more important

Winter is usually the season when people begin to winter, but unlike bears, unfortunately, they do not need a thick layer of fat to carry us through winter. We know climbing out of bed can be cool and the air has not yet risen for morning training. It might seem that running after a long day at the gym instead of a long day is the last thing you might want to try. do. However, training during the winter months is important not only for your physical health but also for your mental health.

Here are five reasons to workout in the winter.

The sun is your friend

woman outdoors in winter

Vitamin D is so important and although you can get it from a limited amount of food, bare skin is the easiest source of direct sunlight. In the summer, it is enough to get vitamin D out for 10 to 15 minutes in the summer, but in the winter, sunshine is a bit harder to catch and cold temperatures usually don't allow you to stay outside for longer. So, if you find a sunny day with no warning of frostbite, go out for a walk or jog to promote healthy bones, support your immune system, brain and nervous system, and support lung function and cardiovascular health.

It will keep you healthy

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Research has consistently shown that regular exercise strengthens your immune system, helping you fight bacterial and viral infections. This becomes especially important when everyone seems to be sneezing and coughing around you in the winter.

During exercise, blood is pumped through your body faster, which means that immune cells circulate faster through your body, helping them to recognize and kill infections. However, this benefit lasts only a few hours if training is not regular.

Say goodbye to winter blouses

she looked out of the window sadly

Whether you are affected by the winter blues or the more severe SAD (seasonal affective disorder) winter, there can be a serious dark cloud above it. Daily exercise relieves the body of cerebral chemistry, relieving depression, SAD or simply feeling unwell. With just 45 minutes a day, you can go all winter with a whole new look.

Take a deep breath

two people run outside in winter

Staying indoors during the winter means you won't get much fresh air. Circulating air can spread germs much faster, meaning that the disease can be right around the corner. Head out and jog, making sure you breathe deeply to allow your lungs to breathe from the tougher indoor air.

Do not pack extra kilos

the man can't tighten his belt

Loading comfort food is provided during the holidays. Although devotion feels good and content for a while, our feelings usually turn to blame soon after. In winter, it is incredibly easy to pack on extra pounds because clothing is generally looser and food is generally richer. The average person puts around 9 pounds during the winter weight gain period. This does not mean stopping enjoying the holiday food, but squeeze in some extra training if you can.

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