Why You Should Avoid These Energy Drinks!

You can find them everywhere in our supermarkets, even at vending machines selling at the gym, but what are they really worth? Do they have an advantage or advantage?

You should know that there are no regulations around these energy drinks, or energy drinks.

Before going into detail, these drinks can only be advised against children, adolescents, people with anxiety and / or with heart problems.

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Marketing, marketing

appellation energy drink is purely commercial. This term simply includes all beverages containing caffeine and / or other substances that act on the nervous system.

The properties advertised are pure marketing:

  • Stimulating drinks
  • Increase in physical performance
  • Increase in intellectual performance
  • etc.

They are therefore very popular with young people, which they are meant for, especially by young people and students who like to cultivate their rebellious image. In addition, this target admires the sports that these energy drinks sponsors, such as Red Bull with scuba diving or motor sports, Monster with motorcycles, etc.

The monster drink writes on his can: "you're going to start the day on the wheel caps". However, starting a day is not a recommended drink.

The "stimulating" properties of energy drinks

The substance that is very present in these energy drinks is caffeine. And there is the biggest problem with these drinks.

In 500 ml of a box of Red Bull, you have the caffeine equivalent of …:

  • 4 boxes of Coca-Cola
  • 4 espressos

If we know that caffeine will increase alertness, the concentration when releasing dopamine in the brain, the European Food Safety Agency says: be careful because there is a limit threshold not to be exceeded, either 400 mg of caffeine per day. Beyond that, there are real risks to your health.

What is the risk of exceeding this daily dose?

There are 4 major disorders:

  1. Heart rhythm disorders (In addition, if you have problems with blood pressure, tachycardia, it is definitely not recommended. Deaths have already been observed due to these drinks during physical activities).
  2. dehydration: these energy drinks are therefore not at all suitable for athletes. Nothing to do with energy drinks as they provide benefits for sports.
  3. Sleep disorder: Caffeine interferes with deep sleep. It is during this deep sleep that the brain of the child and adolescent develops, so it is not at all adapted to the latter which is however the goal.
  4. Neurological disorders: energy drinks increase anxiety and irritability. This can go as far as the epilepsy (rarely).

Crazy Tiger drink indicates on their product "for adults exercising intense physical activity". However, it is strongly advised!

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buy cheap pre workout booster "width =" 633 "height =" 122 "srcset =" http://www.objectifs-fitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/acheter-booster-pre-workout-pass -cher.jpg 633w, http://www.objectifs-fitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/acheter-booster-pre-workout-pas-cher-600x116.jpg 600w, http: // www .objectifs-fitness.com / wp-content / uploads / 2016/09 / acheter-booster-pre-workout-pas-cher-300x58.jpg 300w "data-lat-sizes =" (max width: 633px) 100vw, 633px "src =" http://www.objectifs-fitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/acheter-booster-pre-workout-pas-cher.jpgThe daily threshold set by ANSES above which these drinks can cause anxiety is exceeded for 30% of the adult population.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, do not logically combine the sources of caffeine. Therefore, these drinks are also not recommended for pregnant, nursing women and especially children and teenagers. Maximum caffeine threshold for adolescents is 100 mg / day.

Energy drink + alcohol

Another problem with the consumption of these energy drinks, the consumption associated with alcohol.

A very interesting French scientific study was conducted in 2017 on 150 young men separated into two groups:

  1. Group A: they were made to drink alcohol + 1 mixed energy drink
  2. Group B: They were made to drink alcohol

Of course, the individuals in the two groups did not know if their drink contained energy drinks. It has been observed that when someone is told that what they drink contains an energy drink (whether it is true or not), it has the effect of:

  • Increase confidence: young men more easily contacted women
  • Make them feel a little more drunk
  • Increase their risk-taking (for example, in cash games)

This scientific study therefore clearly shows that due to marketing, individuals feel powerful effects such as placebo.

Another risk of consuming an energy drink with alcohol is alcohol overuse. Since the energy drink contains caffeine, it keeps you awake until the end of the night, suddenly you drink more.

Finally, these drinks contain a lot of sugar that completely masks the taste of alcohol.

Sugar doses per energy drink

We will together see the amounts of sugar containing different energy drinks:

  • Pattern: 45 grams of sugar, ie 7 to 8 pieces of sugar
  • Taurine drink (Monoprix): 9 pieces of sugar
  • Spring Up (Super U): 9 pieces of sugar

As a reminder, WHO recommends a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day! Therefore, these energy drinks contain twice the dose recommended for your health.

We also find in these drinks:

  • glucose syrup
  • glucose
  • Turn over sugar syrup

All of these sugars have a bad effect on blood sugar. So you have hyperglycemia, then hypoglycemia.

Can we turn to sugar-free energy drinks?

No, it is strongly advised as these drinks contain a lot of synthetic sweeteners (often sucralose or aspartame).

These sugar-free energy drinks disrupt the microbiota (your gut flora) and maintain your sweetness.

Some have a completely chemical composition, like in the energy drink Xtense Zero, where there are 8 additives, 1 artificial taste, 1 synthetic color, one of which is called caustic sulfite caramel (E150b).

Taurine: myth and reality

Taurine does not come from beef stock!

It is called "taurine" because it was discovered in bovine bile 200 years ago, but it is obtained completely differently now.

This is perhaps the least problematic substance (with carbonated water) because your body makes it, it exists in the heart, the brain. It is also found in supplements (often with magnesium), but with a relaxing target (rather than stimulant for drinking).
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