Why you should lift the weights ..

As most of you who read my blogs know, I really do advocate raising difficulties. I think it is useful no matter what age, it improves strength, balance, posture, mental health, physical health and really helps later in life as the movements involve activities we all do but when your parents get harder like sitting and standing climbing (squats), climbing stairs (hefty), and picking up bags or other heavy objects (dead lifts) to name but a few.

While it helps almost everyone get the hanta and start using it in their program, this group of people who really benefit from it are women. If you are over 35, you should do some form of exercise in your exercise mode / program. The main reasons for this are that lifting weights or even your own body weight will help you to strengthen your bones, which will hopefully prevent the risk of chronic bone disease Osteoporosis. It mainly affects postmenopausal women, who have lower levels of estrogen hormone after menopause. This weakens your bones, causing a higher risk of fractures after the hips and spine fall. To combat it, the sooner you start lifting, the sooner you improve your chances of healing healthy, strong bones!

In women, estrogen is a hormone that protects bones and drops sharply when women reach menopause, which can cause bone thinning. Therefore, the chance of developing osteoporosis at the end of menopause in women increases. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising (especially exercising, such as lifting), adding essential vitamins and minerals, and taking the right medication are all things you can do to combat the loss of greater bone strength.

Because I am not medically trained, I cannot give medical advice on menopause. What I can say is that over the years leading up to this profound change, all women will surely go through, there are ways to make it easier and things to make you feel better.

Some studies have proven to increase the difficulty of improving your mental health. I am 45 years old and feel that when I end any weight loss session my mind is positive. I have found my 40s to be a stressful time as kids grow up and trying to solve different situations like high school, cell phones and social media, it is sometimes a difficult call. I feel like it was much easier for my parents in the 70s and 80s – even if my mom wouldn't agree !!

Raising Barbell makes me feel very strong and like I can handle it. It fills me with confidence and if you just focus on keeping your mind focused, re-focus and in the way that you reset your mindset to what it was before the session. Every time I go to this garage to do my session, I come up with another person who feels a lot more relaxed and can take everything that accuses me of life!

Don't get me wrong, heart disease can help me and feel the same, but it has more goals – distances, times, etc. It can make it more competitive and it can also have a negative impact on me. When I need a moment away, I know that lifting soothes me more than a rowing session.

Take a look at your program and learn how to change your weight a bit. Ask your PT or a knowledgeable gym for advice on how to get fit and move. Start moving lightly and up the weights, reps, sets (not at the same time!). Believe me, when you start lifting, you will understand that my mantra "LOAD IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT" is true!

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